How To Get RM50 e-Wallet Credit From Penjana

The Malaysian government unveiled a short-term economic recovery plan, dubbed PENJANA or Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara, on 5th June. The RM35 billion package is aimed to stimulate the country’s economy. as well as empower the people and propel businesses.

Personally, I will not benefit much from the package; probably the RM1,000 individual tax relief for domestic travel and the RM50 e-Wallet credit. We do not have information on the travel tax relief yet, particularly its period of eligibility. 

As for the RM50 e-Wallet credit, it is only for eligible Malaysians (those who earn less than RM100,000 a year) and who have installed the MySejahtera contact tracing mobile application. It is estimated that 15 million Malaysians will qualify for this RM50.

Besides RM50 credit, users will also receive cashback or discounts to the value of RM50. The catch is that we can only spend this money offline to make physical purchases.

Ah, so troublesome to get this RM50 e-Wallet credit. I am discounting the RM50 vouchers, discounts and cashback, as they may not be suitable for us. What is your opinion? If you have yet to install the MySejahtera mobile app, would you purposely do so for the RM50?

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