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Amazing RM1 Deals & Free Beijing Tour, Only at Ipoh I.T. Fair

If you have made plans for this weekend, cancel them! This is because there are amazing deals up for grabs at Ipoh I.T. Fair and you don’t want to miss them, I tell you!

The three-day Ipoh I.T. Fair begins tomorrow (Friday) at 11am, when it will be launched by Dato’ Thong Fah Chong, chief of economic bureau for Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) Perak.

the organising committee of Ipoh I.T. Fair
the organising committee of Ipoh I.T. Fair

On the first day itself, there are 300 units of items that are sold at shockingly low prices, starting from RM1. YES, you heard me right. The catch? None, except that you can only purchase one item, so which would you choose? That’s a tough choice!

Another highlight of Ipoh I.T. Fair is the FREE 5D/4N ground tour of Beijing for two. Yes, seriously, only if you meet one of the following conditions:

*Purchase anything above RM300 at Ipoh IT Fair
*Make a deposit of at least RM100 for your purchase
*Sign up for a broadband package
*Sign up for a credit card package

This awesome free gift is limited to the first 500 eligible customers, so don’t wait to shop only on the last day!

Oh yes, if you are planning to commit to an instalment plan for your purchase, do note that only your MyKad is required. This special arrangement, for eligible purchasers, is only available during Ipoh I.T. Fair, so don’t pass up this opportunity.

Ipoh I.T. Fair is going to be exciting. With 113 sales booths, there will surely be something for everyone. Although most marketers offer IT products, joining in are vendors that promote mobile devices and home appliances, including ten stalls selling popular local food. Bargain hunting is tough and we can conveniently fuel our tummy while taking on the task.

Personally, it has been quite a while since I have shopped at an I.T. Fair and I have a number of items that need replacing or upgrading. What good timing.

Oh yes, I am keen to check out the TV box and 360° camera, two products that are fairly new in the market. I will surely be making my way to Ipoh IT Fair this weekend. What about you? Be there or be square!

Event: Ipoh I.T. Fair
Venue: GRC Hall (behind KFC Gunung Rapat), Ipoh
Date: 31st March – 2nd April, 2017
Time: 11am – 10pm daily

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14 thoughts on “Amazing RM1 Deals & Free Beijing Tour, Only at Ipoh I.T. Fair

  1. This exposition is actually a cool one for I.T. enthusiasts. Great for you, guys! I’m sure you’re gonna shop a lot.

  2. OMG they’re giving out free tours?! Such a steal deal! Who wouldn’t want to get on a plane and fly to China?

  3. That’s great. I also like attending IT expos to get lots of deals on electronic items. 🙂

  4. I like companies that offer great deals as customers incentive. Looking forward to read about the Lucky winners

  5. IT products for only RM1? Sounds amazing! Should have one expo in Melaka as well =(

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