Which eWallet Is Best for ePenjana Free RM50 eWallet Credit?

The ePenjana free RM50 eWallet credit is redeemable starting 31st July, 2020. This is part of the economic recovery plan by the Malaysian Government, to also encourage cashless and contactless transactions, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This redemption programme is ongoing until 24th September, for all Malaysians of at least 18 years old, earning below RM100,000 a year. They must also have downloaded and registered an account with the MySejahtera contact tracing mobile application.

ePenjana free RM50 eWallet credit
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To redeem, choose either Boost, Grab or Touch N’ Go eWallet. These three options are the only approved eWallets for the programme. Do make sure that your eWallet is already verified.

While the Government is offering the RM50 eWallet credit, these eWallets have their own benefits to attract users to utilise their app to redeem the RM50.

These are what I have found out:

RM50 eWallet Credit h+ RM130 Voucher + Lifestyle Rewards RM80 + Win Myvi 1.5

RM50 eWallet Credit + RM50 Voucher + RM75 weekly Bonus

Touch N’ Go
RM50 eWallet Credit + RM300 Vouchers

I have yet to redeem as I am still waiting to read on social media which is the more worthy plan to go with. I believe most of the vouchers will be useless to me. They serve to make me spend more, anyway.

Do take note that the RM50 eWallet credit is now open for use on anything that we wish within the eWallet app, from Grab fare to donations via Boost. This latest update is contrary to the initial announcement that the credit is good only for offline transactions.

If you have redeemed your RM50 eWallet credit, which app did you go with?

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  1. I went with Boost in the end. It’s a great choice if I win one of the lucky draw prizes. It not, then lousy choice. Haha!

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