A few weeks ago, Maybank called me up and asked me if I wanted a credit card. I didn’t have to fill up an application form or show any proof of income. How would they know that I would be able to handle another credit card? Oh, I forget. Banks target those with poor credit. LOL

They literally forced one upon me. When I requested to read their terms and conditions first, the lady told me that there are no terms and conditions at all. I did not have to pay an annual fee and neither is there a minimum spending per month to qualify for the free card.

Maybank Credit Card
Maybank Petronas Visa Credit Card

I was told that I could choose to activate the card, or not, when they courier it to me. So I said fine. Send it over and I will decide. Little did I know that they would include this credit card in my Maybank2u account and the card came activated already. Anyway, I accepted it since it’s free and I don’t lose anything if I settle my credit card balance at the end of the month.

When I told my friend that Maybank called me up, he cautioned that it may be a phishing call and that I may have leaked out my personal or financial information through the phone. Geee, gave me a scare only 😀 But now that the card is here, it confirms that the phone call I received from Maybankard was legitimate.

Still, I think it is bad business practice for them to access my internet banking account to include this credit card in the account. So, who wants to go shopping?
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