My Maybank Petronas Gold Visa Credit Card

A few weeks ago, Maybank called me up and asked me if I wanted a credit card. I didn’t have to fill up an application form or show any proof of income. How would they know that I would be able to handle another credit card? Oh, I forget. Banks target those with poor credit. LOL

They literally forced one upon me. When I requested to read their terms and conditions first, the lady told me that there are no terms and conditions at all. I did not have to pay an annual fee and neither is there a minimum spending per month to qualify for the free card.

Maybank Credit Card
Maybank Petronas Visa Credit Card

I was told that I could choose to activate the card, or not, when they courier it to me. So I said fine. Send it over and I will decide. Little did I know that they would include this credit card in my Maybank2u account and the card came activated already. Anyway, I accepted it since it’s free and I don’t lose anything if I settle my credit card balance at the end of the month.

When I told my friend that Maybank called me up, he cautioned that it may be a phishing call and that I may have leaked out my personal or financial information through the phone. Geee, gave me a scare only 😀 But now that the card is here, it confirms that the phone call I received from Maybankard was legitimate.

Still, I think it is bad business practice for them to access my internet banking account to include this credit card in the account. So, who wants to go shopping?
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  1. Sam,

    For this card, student cannot lah. Income must be around RM2000 per month.

    If you have a Maybank account, I think they will “close one eye” if your income is almost RM2000 per month.

  2. Hi Peah,

    It should be safe.

    After receiving my credit card, I called up the credit card centre and they confirmed my card number is in their database.

  3. I got mine, but they say got free parker pen, already 2 mths i don’t receive any.. cheating lar.. will call them to check out

  4. hi emily,i got the same call i’ve just had a loan with maybank that exceed 40k,i get the card free(as what the man says).strangely,the call were from pantai timur whereas i apply the loan at kajang.i checked thru my maybank2u, theres the statement of my gold petronas credit card but no transaction yet.i havent received the card yet.does the card hassle u?

  5. Hi Huda,

    The call I received came from the Maybank HQ and like you, the card was added to my Maybank2u account as well.

    The card did not give me any hassle at all.

    I think you should be receiving your card about 3 weeks after the call, by Poslaju.

  6. ok thanks for the info..i just start working n my mom forbids me from having any credit this is like hidden agenda of mine.1 more many days of interest-free payment? i never used a credit card b4 n im afraid that this will burden me as i start building own no minimum swap or whatsoever?

  7. Hi Huda,

    As far as I know, it’s free for life, no minimum swap but like all credit cards, no “interest free grace period” unless you settle your bills in full every month.

    Actually, you will still get about 6 weeks free interest if you swap your card as soon as your billing cycle starts. Once your bill is sent to you, you will have about two weeks to settle it.

  8. At last i manage to go to the maybank counter in 1 utama and check out the parker pen… that guy say he cannot check anything from the system. and the promo for parker pen is actually last year one wor… so he say he will check for me… so i dunno how long it will take lar… or he just make empty promise… :-/

  9. i got same call like u guys, got my card after >4weeks after i call them up monday…:(
    but my card does not comes with TnG? but i did said i want it during the brief tele call…and how do i activate the damn card? and do i need to mail the top part of the letter…but mail to where? oh my god…

  10. Hi h2k,

    Yes, you are required to send in the form to acknowledge receipt of your card. I called customer service at 1-300-88-6688 and told them I would like to fax in the form.

    The lady said it’s all right to fax and provided me with the fax number 03-7953-8600.

    In my case, the card is already activated for me when I received it.

  11. Hi Aiza,

    It should be OK to use this card; make sure the caller is really from Maybank! LOL

    This card is free for life and does not have a minimum monthly charge. However, like using all credit cards, try to settle your bill every month in full so that you will not be charged interest.

  12. I just got a call from Maybank about this offer as well…after giving all my info (O dear!!).. I start thinking… How if that was a scam??? So I start browsing on net.. to see if this for real.. Thats how I saw your post… oww… what a relief!! lol… Thanks for sharing!!

    cathj´s last blog post…Bunga Raya Tanah Tinggi..

  13. i also just got the call..luckily i was on the net and try to find some info..but u sure ah its interest free?

    just afraid and phobia with any credit card *even hv no personal experience yet*..

  14. Hi Zuel,

    I think you misunderstood.

    This card is not interest-free BUT no annual fee. So the card is free.

    However, if you charge your purchases and you don’t settle fully when the bill arrives, you will be charged interest on the balance.

  15. Hi.
    I received a call from maybank just like u. Before the card arrived, I saw the card was already added in my maybank2u account. So the card is considered being activated?
    I received the card last week, so do I need to return the top part of the letter even though the card has been “activated”? Thanks

  16. Hi Kelly,

    Yes, I believe that you could already start using your credit card.

    And yes, you need to return the top of the letter to acknowledge receipt.

  17. Hi Lim,

    First of all, log in to your Maybank2u account. Check if your credit card is already linked to your Maybank2u. If it is, you will be able to see it by clicking on Accounts & Banking. You will be able to view your Maybank accounts and credit cards.

  18. i also received a call from maybank bout application for PETRONAS GOLD VISA cc as they said yesterday.and i had a house loan for last year.will i receive the cc after few weeks?bcos my salary only few hundred per month now.but they r not say anything after i told them my salary.

  19. Hi,

    If Maybank offers you the card, take it but do take care not to abuse the credit card, seeing that your salary is a few hundred a month and you have a housing loan.

  20. i also received a call from Maybank offering Petronas Gold Visa, but i told them since my income per anum is more than RM120,000, i would only accept if they offer me Petronas Platinum Visa. Few weeks later i saw the Platinum card was already added in my maybank2u account eventhough till now i haven’t yet receive the card.

  21. Hi Jinnie,

    Don’t worry, your card will arrive soon enough.

    Did you find out if Platinum Visa is free for life as well and does not have minimum monthly charge?

  22. Emily,
    can u get some detail about Oreint Rewards..
    i juz received call from them..ask me to join their membership..RM498 per a lot of benefit for pepole who like to travel..

  23. Hi Anne,

    Orient Rewards has nothing to do with Maybank credit card, right?

    I’ve not heard of this company before but if they ask you for your credit card number over the phone, don’t risk it.

  24. well….like d others, i belief my story will be d same as u emily.however just want 2 let u know, while i receive d called, i mention that i want 2 collect it myself from d nearest branch.4 me i will be safe.

    after i collect the card, i also request for the pin number since cash in advance must hav the pin the number.
    until now, it’s been a month already i haven’t use the card.

    i’m still searching all the information about this card, if anybody has any experince on using this card….plss let me know too, ok.

  25. Hi Sue,

    I am using the credit card and have no problems with it. It’s a genuine card.

    I hope that I wouldn’t get a “surprise” from them at the end of the year. LOL

  26. guys, i received the same call, and he ask for the ic number for verifying, i said no, then he ask for the last four digit, but i still said no, so whats ur opinion, should i give?

    anyway i got his ext. no. and in the mean time i searching the info on this petronas gold visa, n i found this post. thanks for sharing~

  27. Hi Lee,

    I take it you have a Maybank account. Just confirm the last 4 digits of your IC, then. Nothing will happen even if this was a scam call.

    You can call him back to do so, and that will confirm his name, office and department.

  28. I received the call from 60378443000,the lady said offer me a Maybank Petronas Credit, and ask my old I/C,address,my mum name,company name and contact number,I also feel not safety.Is this phone is from MAybank credit card center?

  29. Hi Baoloo,

    I am not sure if that phone number is from Maybank but do check with Maybank Customer Service at 1-300-88-6688 and let them know that you have been offered a credit card. Ask them to confirm.

    Good luck.

  30. Hi..Emily…i also faced the same incident as u all..I had call Maybank for confirmation but they did not keep the list of all contact num of maybank and ask me to wait for 2 weeks to check whether my application is proceed anot. OMG..if it’s a scam..then i will in deep shit…I have call back to the num who called me …bt i cant reach the num.Im so scared that it might be a scam.So what should I do?

  31. Hi Mandy,

    First of all, what information did you disclose? As far as I remember, the caller never asked me for my credit card number (since Maybank is GIVING me a credit card) nor did the caller asked for my bank account number.

    I remember the caller just asking me if I would like to have a credit card from Maybank.

    If you did not give out your credit card or bank account number then you are NOT in deep shit.

  32. Hi…Emily …thanks for ur reply..
    I don’t owned a credit card before..I jz revealed my maiden’s name,company name. THe ic num i refused to give…bt they said they have mine.Then they jz ask me to verify my date of birth if im scared…
    He asked me whether to send the card to my house or get it from the nearest maybank. I said I prefer I get it from bank. They do confirmed my address. They tell me the address and ask me is it still the valid address as they will send me the letter to collect the card i think.
    I did not revealed my account number. He do asked me whether I’m interested in that credit card or not also.
    Is it that only I revealed my account number only I will be in trouble?

  33. HEllo, i want to ask what is the difference between Maybank Visa Petronas card with Maybank Visa Card…
    i know maybank petronas card is free , but maybank visa card need annual fee, but i want to know other difference… like redeem gift both card..etc….. tQ

  34. Hi SASA,

    I am not sure because I do not have the other Maybank Visa Card but I believe Petronas credit card offers higher points for money spent at their stations.

  35. I haven’t received my maybank petronas gold visa yet but it is already stated in my account in maybank2u. Hope anyone can explain it to me? Will i get the card soon? Is it safe to use it? i never use credit card before this, so i’m quite terrified

  36. Shah,

    That was what happened to me as well. The card details were already in my Maybank2u account before it arrived.

    I think you will get the card about 3 – 4 weeks from the day you received the telephone call from Maybank.

    It is safe to use, I don’t have complaints.

  37. A week ago, I received the call from 60327727500,the lady said choose for offer me a Maybank Petronas Credit free for life and does not have a minimum monthly charge, and ask my old I/C,address,my mum name,company name and contact number, and the lady gave me the Maybank Customer Service at 1-300-88-6688 to me, and said that any request the centre.It is safe or ok for the call

  38. Hi,

    I think that as long as she did not ask you for your bank account number or credit card number, it should be all right.

  39. Never….EVER…tell anyone your mother’s maiden name! That’s like a backdoor to your info, second only to your password / PIN.

  40. Hi;;
    i just collected my petronas visa card today nearby the maybank branch?? Emily, can u tell me how to activate the card? i didnt get the pin number from bank? is it i need to apply separately for the pin number?

  41. Hi,

    If you see the card already linked to your Maybank2u account, you can start using it already.

    For me, it was already activated when I received my card through the mail. I don’t have any PIN for the card.

  42. many people got the same phone call from maybank and also suddenly one new credit card account added to maybank2u.. huhu.. i got it too a few weeks ago, but still havent received the card. Anyway,Emily, now u still use the card? any problem so far?or Any hidden charges? lol.. just want to make decsion either to take it or not.. 😛

  43. Deez,

    I am still using it. I don’t have any problems with it so far and there is no hidden charge. However, I do make sure that I settle my balance before I get charged interest!

  44. guys, i also got called by someone from maybank. same like what all of u got. it was on may 2009. the ccard account can be seen in my m2u portal (no transaction). but untill now i never receive any card. what i need to do? call customer service?? if i go to nearest branch, can i get the card on the spot??

  45. what u mean “Have your credit card account number on hand” ?

    ask from customer service or i can get it on my m2u portal b4 calling them?

  46. OK, I guess you should just let them know your story and see how best they could help you.

    I think it’s just a delay in sending the card to you. They probably have too many cards to send, seeing how many people are receiving offers of a free credit card!

  47. Hi, i just received the call from Maybank Ipoh branch today late evening but originally i’m from KL. A bit worried after i m accepted their offer to send me this visa gold credit card. After reviewed your post, i guess it should be safety. Thanks for sharing this valuable info.

  48. WOW, it HAS been a year already! LOL

    Nah, I am not working with Maybank but when people come here, they need reassurance that their information has not been compromised. I am happy that I’m able to help answer some questions that they may have.

  49. hi, in my m2u had shown Visa Petronas Gold, but i didn’t receive any card yet? is it automatically activated? im afraid that someone else use this card…

  50. Elie,

    My card was also shown in my Maybank2u account before it arrived. When it arrived, it was already activated and could be used.

    If someone else use your card, you will be able to see the transactions in Maybank2u, right?

  51. Hi Emily…as the above, i have the card too and being using it for 2 months, so far, everything get well…but do you using it for any online purchases or other, exp online booking hotel or tickets? Normal card needs pin num or password right?

  52. So far, I have not used it for online purchases because I have PayPal and a debit card for that. However, I understand that in some cases, the websites, like Air Asia, may need your card to be VISA verified so you will need to verify your VISA card at the VISA website and get a pin number first.

  53. Veryfied it from Visa Website? Can you teach me how to do that? Im calling so many times to Maybank credit card center for help…call for whole day but nobody going to pick up the phone…

  54. Hello,

    I have never done it before I went to check from Visa website and it looks like only HSBC and Public Bank issued Visa cards could verify from the Visa website.

    Looks like you have to keep trying to call Maybank. Perhaps the site you want to use your card on does not require your card to be Visa verified.

  55. Hi emilly, just got my card today. Btw, the Maybank staff inform me that i need to pay RM488 once in my life for the card fee. So, is it same to you? I thought everything just free XD

  56. Hi Faris,

    Did you apply for the card yourself or was it offered to you via a phone call from Maybank?

    I have had the card for more than a year now and so far, I haven’t been billed anything extra other than what I charged my card on purchases. So far, everything IS free.

    As for your RM488 one time fee, I haven’t come across anyone mentioning this. Perhaps you should call up to speak to another customer service person.

  57. Hmm, just called the person that called me about crdt card and actually RM488 is for discount card. O god, fall into their trap lol XD

  58. nowsaday every bank also do like this, i suspect they get the info frm the Visa Card Centre , i do received call frm Alliance,UOB,CITIBANK AND ETC.

    it is really bad image and also our P&C records also know by a junior staffs. is very very bad.

    the Bank Negara should take some action on this, otherwise the froud case is more terrible.

  59. Totally agree with you, Jenny.

    I was pretty pissed off that my Maybank2U account (Maybank’s internet banking) was accessed to include my “new” Maybank Petronas VISA credit card without permission.

  60. To Faris,

    I was recently received such phone call offering me the discount card and he told me he was Maybank Consultant. At first I, he told me all the benefit of having the discount card. He never mentioned bout the fee not until he has all my details, i/c, phone, address etc.. and then only I ask him bout the fee.. he told me I have to pay RM588 and the card will be sent to my home within 2 weeks. I said NO and he told me that whether I like it or not, they will charge me with that amount and all credit card holder have to have the discount card. I was like.. oh no.. then I said he was a liar and I will sue him. He hung up the phone after I refuse to accept it. I felt insecure.

    The very next day I went to Maybank and asked for credit card cancellation. I made a report to Maybank.

    We need to be very extra careful nowadays. And, never ever mention your credit card number and details.

  61. I received a call offering me the credit card n I told him its okay i already have one (another bank) and I asked him why is Maybank offering me a card when I dont even have an account with them. It seems that because I have had a FD with them therefore the offer. I refused again and the guy said, the annual fee is waived so I said if you insist fine and within 3 weeks I receive the Gold Petronas c/c by express mail. I used it for a couple of months then the snatch thief relieved me of it. After nearly 9 months I was sent a new card 2 months back. Now I hope that the bank will absorb the service tax if not I wonder if I would keep the card.

  62. Hi all,

    I also start using the credit card above at petronas.
    However, I am not able to see the transaction in Maybank2u transaction history in credit card.

    Can anyone advice?

  63. Just to make sure, you clicked on “Transaction History” and not “Maybank2u History”, right?

    From what a friend told me, using credit or debit card at petrol stations, it depends on when the operator charges your card. Some would charge daily, some would collect a few days’ worth.

    And my friend, who used a debit card, also couldn’t keep track of his expenses because his fuel purchases are not reflected instantly online.

    Maybe someone else has some other experiences.

  64. Hi Emily,

    Thanks a lot for the reply.

    I was checking the “Transaction History” instead of M2U.
    May according to your advice, I may need to wait for few more days? May I knw what is the maximum days I need to wait?

    I got another question:
    Can we pay back the credit card through “pay to credit card”
    just after one transaction by using credit card?

    Thanks for the advance.

  65. Perhaps you should allow up to a week. What’s the hurry when you already have your fuel? LOL

    You can pay your credit card anytime but that wouldn’t serve the purpose of a credit card, right? You may as well use cash.

  66. Emily, thanks for the information.

    Just properly would like to control the financial status of myself.LOL

    Thanks again for the prompt reply 🙂

  67. I got a call also last year, accepted it and no hassle at all. Here’s a little tips for you when somebody called you claiming they are from bank. Don’t give your detail, asked them to verify:

    For example what I do is:

    1) Ask them how many accounts do you have with the bank? (only ask if you have more than one). Normal people have one, so con-man might be able to guess. Like me, I have 2. One savings, one current.

    2) Ask them what type of car you drive based on the loan you take with the bank? Or if this is not in the record, how much you borrow for the car loan? (ask even if you don’t have a car loan with that bank). A real customer service rep will be able to see that you did not have any loans with them)

    3) Ask them your mom’s full name

    How Customer Service verify your identity:

    They will have a collection of questions, depending on each of them they will choose 2-3 questions to ask you. To ask you, they must have the answers to that question. So ask these questions (but of course you can’t ask all)

    What info telemarketers have (the guy who are not from bank, but claim they are from bank)

    The have your phone number & name. Most probably your birthday, address and IC number as well. So don’t ask these question as they can easily answer you.

    Hope this help! 🙂


  68. Hi Sabri!

    Thanks for your tips in handling phone calls like these. I believe many of us will receive calls like these off and on and sometimes, it really is very difficult to determine if the calls are genuine or not.

  69. I get a call from Maybank HQ also. 0327307000 . And the tell me all my details , and like usual i am so stupid give out my mom’s name and phone number. And it continues . She said something applying credit card. then she said also tell me about a company i work for. So now so sudden my account got a credit card. So like usual i dont get the full card number just the 4 digits last number. What can i do to terminate it?

  70. Hi Azizan,

    I take it that you do not want a credit card. So, when the card arrives just cut it up. You can also go to your Maybank branch to let them know that you don’t want it. I believe there will be no charges or fees imposed.

  71. the problem is …
    i dont get the card T_T
    and i scare they will be issued some charge soon.

    anyway. now at any petrol station.
    you can easy swipe the card T_T
    i cant wait until the swipe it.
    need to go bank today and terminate it.

  72. Hi Azizan,

    When did you receive this phone call? It will take some time for the card to be delivered to you.

    As far as I can tell, for this Petronas card, there is no charge by Maybank but there will be RM50 service fee by the Government for principal card annually.

    BUT, the good thing is that you can use 50,000 reward points to redeem for this RM50 fees which means that you don’t have to pay for the fees with cash.

    In your case, the for the first year, you will have to pay RM50 when the card is issued to you.

    Anyway, since you do not want this card, you can try asking Customer Service staff at your Maybank home branch. I’m sure they would be able to assist you.

  73. If u search the number with , you will found that 1 number representative really name. Try to google it..

  74. I understand that the call was from Maybank otherwise the card details will not be included in your Maybank2u account already.

    If you want the card, just wait for it to arrive. Otherwise, just get it terminated.

  75. actually..
    but there are 1 site.
    complain about the numbers i stated in the previous post.
    anyway what u get charge? when u receive the card?
    i read above.. they charge Rm458 to Rm588 for discount voucher . Is it true?

    p/s just terminated. but i need to follow up

  76. Azizan, perhaps you should just give me the URL to the site that mentioned the phone number so that I could take a look.

    As I mentioned earlier, I was not charged anything except for my own purchases. however, beginning this year, I will have to pay RM50 annually which is a Government service tax.

    As for the RM458 to RM588 fees, that’s a totally different card altogether and has nothing to do with Maybank or credit cards.

  77. whocallsme for not mistaken..

    i received and straight cut it into half.

    keh keh keh

    and submitted for termination.


    p/s petronas got Ron97.. just few places.. why bother sell those expensive coz ron95 cheaper.. market like cheaper than quality T_T

  78. but in kota kinabalu we dun have ron97 at petronas, using ron95 is a bad idea for any car that using engine above than 1.6. so i chose that expensive for the good performance..

  79. I oso got called from 0327307000 and I wonder is it only for credit card?can anyone tell me what else the person told you?I gave out my details and I have went to nearest maybank branch asking about the number.They said they didnt know about it.Even the number is not a main branch number.The person called me name Mohd Haidi and I just need someone to help me out….

    Emily…please….I am very young to know this thing

  80. Hi Faiz,

    According to Azizan (comment above), he also received a call from this same telephone number and he did receive a Maybank credit card subsequently.

    This number isn’t “main branch number”. If I am not mistaken, it is Maybank credit card department number. You can try calling the number to ask.

    You mention giving out your “details”. What are the details that you gave out? I am assuming that you do not currently hold a credit card so there’s nothing to worry about.

    Anyway, when this credit card arrives, keep it if you want it, cancel it if you don’t want it.

    Reading through all the comments here will be most helpful.

  81. ok..thanks..i already call the number and they said its kind of insurance offer and will deduct monthly from my salary.I think its a PA plan @ some sort like that…and i think the number is a sales agent to promote maybank products.

    By the way thank you so much to build this helpful webpage for others as reference.

  82. Faiz,

    I’m curious. Are you being offered a Maybank credit card or not? What sort of insurance is this and how much will be deducted from your salary every month?

  83. one number..
    is representative for all services in Malaysia

    that number also someone claim for insurance.
    credit card from many banks…

    u just need to type that number on google.

  84. hey,
    i also received the call from Maybank which is offer me the Maybank Petronas Gold Visa Credit Card. After i giving all my info, i just feel i’m cheated. But, after looking for ur website, i just realise that the offer is stated so early to u all. thanks for sharing.
    anyway, i hv some question about the Visa Credit Card since i’m first time to use credit card. For me, i hv Maybank saving account. But i didn’t active thier Maybank online banking which is Maybank2U. so, how can i active it?(i try to active by ATM machine be4, but can’t) it that only i can online to check the balance o charge by using Maybank2U? Maybank got send statement to us.

  85. Hi Dilla,

    It was a long time ago but I don’t think I received my PIN. I think we have to go to the bank to get it. I didn’t do it so until today, I cannot withdraw (take cash advance) from the ATM via my credit card.

  86. i also just received a call from 03-27307000 to offer me the credit card for free.. she ask me some details , eg IC, correspondance add and company name and position. is tat will be any problem?? i scare i’m cheated.

    if tat really a offer from Maybank and you accept the offer.. you will be charge for RM 50. She say can waive with the point you collect.. but you just cancel the card after you received it.. mayb you need to pay tat RM50.

  87. If you don’t want it, then why did you agree to accept? I don’t know if you will be charged RM50 if you cancel your card after receiving it. It’s best to just say you don’t want the card and not to send it to you.

  88. Dear Emily, It’s been so nice to browse through your website, So much Information.

    I’d wish to get a Maybank Petronas Credit Card too.

    But, May i know how much Minimum Salary are eligable for a Credit Card ?

    Is Salary Rm 1500 Per Month Approve for a Credit Card at Maybank ? or Other Banks ?

    Please Reply….



  89. Hey Nicole,

    Annual income of RM18000 does qualify for a credit card but I am not sure for which card. You can ask the bank which you have an account with.

  90. Hi Emily, it’s really glad to have a read on your website and learnt a lot about the Maybank CC. Anyways, just a quick question from me.

    I had just collected mine today from the nearby Maybank branch. They didn’t call me instead I found that the CC has been linked to my Maybank2u acc. They CS just took my ID for identify and released the card to me. Am just wandering, when the RM50 GST will be impose? Because when the time I collect my card, the bank didn’t collect any money from me. And I didnt have charges on my CC too. Would appreciate if Emily or any reader can give a hand on this. Am a first timer for CC, and this Petronas Gold is my 1st card. Thousand thanks.


  91. You mean you weren’t even offered the credit card in the first place and they simply linked it to your Maybank2u account??

    Regarding the RM50 service fee, from what I know, for new cards, they will collect it when the card is issued. Old cards like mine, we only need to pay at the end of the one year.

    Perhaps you should ask Customer Service and at the same time check if the amount has been deducted from your Maybank savings account.

    Anyway, you can offset this RM50 service fee with 10,000 TreatPoints.

  92. Hi Emily,

    Appreciate your reply. Indeed, i actually been offered this credit card when i placed in an amount of FD like weeks ago. But just, I didn’t been informed by the them upon the card arrival. Only found it when I access my Maybank2u then I found the CC has actually been linked.

    By the way, I had ask on other forum and some forumer replied said the RM50 GST will be imposed into new card holder 1st bill.

  93. hi there, just wanna share my recent experience.

    i got 2 calls from maybank for ikhwan visa card..

    1st call – claimed to be from a branch near my company and mentioned my company name, asked to verify details and asked for my mum’s name (which was weird but i thought maybe it was related to one of my loans) and i asked them to proceed after a little explanation of the card.

    2 weeks later

    2nd call – different person, was about to explain about the card, when i asked what happened to the application before, when they checked they didnt recieve any application under my name..

    but 2nd call was from the branch where i opened my acc so i went over and met the caller in person. collected the card there personally a week later. applied for touchNgo zing card too.

    1 week later

    got a call at work trying to sell me LinkClub TouchNgo discount card. thought it was part of the TnG Zing card so i agreed to listen to the explanation, stating that i was a little busy. explanation took wayyy too long, talking about all the discounts places and stuff. suspicious..

    caller then said i would be charged one-time fee of RM488 (i think). really suspicious. asked for the website where i can read up the info. caller was hesitant, saying i can read all the details in the starter package they will mail to me soon.

    wait a minute. when on earth did i agree to accept the offer? told him off saying how come he didn’t even know their own website address? he then finally gave it to me, Linkclub, and i told him to call me back later in the evening to confirm.

    well you can check the website out for yourself, something that was probably slapped together in 10 minutes, doesn’t even have Terms&Conditions. so rejected the discount card when he called back.

    turns out it was a scam, read some other blogs about it and also asked maybank branch who then told me dont accept any offers like that.

    i’m lucky cos i had a friend who used to work as one of those discount card telemarketers (long long time ago) so the long-winded discount explanation and one-time activation fee alerted me.

    just irritated that this is the first time i got such a call (not from my friend obviously) just a week after my TnGo zing card application. info leaking from TouchNGo centre?


  94. Hi Fird!

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I appreciate it and believe that readers who stumble upon this post will benefit from it.

    I have long suspected that companies from banks to mobile phone service providers sell out our information to telemarketers because of the coincidence in getting calls not too long after signing up for a service, etc.

    You’re lucky to have avoided being charged RM488. I think telemarketers are very unscrupulous because they don’t tell us these fees upfront and they push their products on us way too hard.

  95. I am bit confused with those Rm488 that will be charged by the credit card.

    My card already terminated.
    but the cc acct still linked with my maybank2u

    anyway..i just feel the credit card really need.
    for example… buying new pc that has 12months installment.

    anyway.. if i want the cc back?
    is it possible to do it?
    coz i terminated already..

  96. How to activate a Petronas Visa Credit Card? How to set the pin number?

  97. If you received your Petronas Visa Credit Card like I did, it would be activated already. You can just use it.

    As for the PIN, I didn’t set mine but you could probably do it from a Maybank ATM. Just call Customer Service if you are unsure. They would be able to give you the best answer.

  98. in m’sia we don’t have any data privacy act enforced that’s why our personal data are obtained by the discount/insurance card scammers. Most of the known “info-leakers-culprit” is the telco providers . Let say today you register a account with telco “Mxxxx” or “Cxxxxx”, you can expect within a week there will be someone from those discount card scammers calling you to offer their products.

  99. hey Emily,

    Just now i received a call from 03-2170 4666, they say they r calling from maybank. which wan to promote me a service something like insurance. do u hear before this? they say i just need to pay RM98 per year to make a insurance about my wallet, something like to insurance my wallet from stole. they say if my credit card o any thing including in wallet are stole or loss. they will pay me my losses up to some limit. do u think that is true or realizable?

    best regard

  100. Hi David,

    I have heard of insurance against our purchases paid with credit card but have not heard of insurance against loss or theft of wallets.

    Anyway, I did a search online for this phone number 03-2170 4666. You said that the caller said he/she called from Maybank but some people posted that the calls came from Citibank, Hong Leong Bank, Prudential Assurance, Bonus Link, etc. Obviously, this is the number of a telemarketing company.

    If you want to test, you can try calling this number back to see if anyone picks up your call.

    So I think you shouldn’t bother with what they are trying to sell.

  101. Hi Emily,

    thanks for your reply and provide me benefit info. i actually not accept their offer. i just say i will consider first. then, they say will call me back later.. but untill now they still not call back to me… some more, my friend also received a same call with me which is from maybank.

    i think, that is a trap also. thank again for your remind.

    best regard

  102. Hi Emily.

    I have received my maybank cc today too. I have read all the comments, and apparently the cc is activated once i received it. But maybe because i have never use the card before, hence there is no payment due date. May i know how they update the due date? is it started from the day i received the card or started from the first time i swap the card?

    Sorry..I never had a cc before..i dont know all bout this.


  103. sorry if i’m too late to asking about cc….
    i’m also new to have cc but i’ve a problm right now.
    my credit card have been charged by insurance for about rm299 and also by discount card= rm588. i still have to pay all the amount althogh i terminate my cc. could you plz give me advise how to manege this “hutang”???

    they call me when i’m too busy n i don’t know weather i agree or not. now they have charge all the fee. so sad

  104. Hi Farhana,

    Did you contact your CC company before cancelling your card? If you did, you can still dispute the charges, if not, I am afraid you will have make payment.

  105. Hi Emily,

    I received a call from maybank just like u. The cc safely arrived yesterday and yaaaa the girl mentioned that there was no annual fee.When I checked my m2u they have added the cc account through my m2u.In the first place,I’m so scared it was a scam but yeah,the card is here with me.I’ve gained lots of information given by u.Thanks for the sharing.It relieves me.

  106. Resha,

    I am glad everything turned out well for you.

    You know, we have heard of so many scam stories that we have become paranoid. We have read so many ways to avoid being victimized. And then a good deal like this comes along and we break all our own rules and start feeling fearful that we have fallen into a scam trap. LOL

  107. hi emily,

    after my cc have been charged for about RM588. after i filled up dispute form from maybank all the fees from discount card had been cancelled. thank to emily for ur info. now i still using this cc.

  108. Farhana,

    This is indeed excellent news. Thank you for updating us. I thought that you already cancelled this CC? Did the bank give you a new number?

  109. no, the bank don’t give me a new number because i’m not already cancel the cc. i still have it but still not using it from first time i got it.

  110. Eh? How do u submit the dispute?
    I thought the charged cant be cancelled?

    can u give me the procedure? to submit the dispute?

    Thank You

  111. you just have to fill up dispute form from website.after fill up the detail fax it to maybank. about 2 week later, u can check from ur cc acount either the charge has been cancelled or not. always call customer service to follow up. i’m so happy after use this service.

    can anyone teach me how to use this cc at petrol pump station? sory i’m still not using it

  112. Thanks, Farhana, for the info. I’m sure it will help other readers.

    As for using CC in petrol stations, I have never used it before so I don’t know how. According to my friend, you can only use CC if you pump full tank. Also, instead of charging the exact amount, they charge extra and only refund the balance later.

  113. to use cc at petrol station, just insert your card at the pump, wait for the instruction, card pop out and go ahead fill your tank. only the amount you pump in will be charge to your card.

  114. Hi EMILY,

    Do you have an idea how to link my Petronas credit card visa to my maybank2u,i would like to check my credit card transcation online.

    Based on your information,they have added your c.c automaticly to your maybank2u.I dont have my maybank account yet when i received my petronas visa credit card a year ago.Is there a way to link it online?Pls help.

    Thank you very much.

  115. Mazlan,

    If not mistaken, you have to go to a Maybank branch and you will be given a form to fill up to request for linking of accounts/cards on M2U.

  116. Dear Emily,

    Recently my future daughter in law complained that a guy named alan called her, he said he is from sparks of asia holidays..she didnt know at that time but gave her credit card number to him..a few days later maybank sent a Petronas gold ac credit card and some hotel vouchers and gave her a statement of RM499/-.. When she phoned that Alan guy, he said in order to cancel she has to pay him RM499/- and he could cancel the card, he also said in return he will give her a recond laptop.

    I tried to make a police report against him and his clerk a malay girl named Dynaa..she has a 016 mobile number. I think they get the account number, ic details from maybank and lie to mostly young working people.

    This man should be stopped, before more become victims. My daughter in law tried to cancel the card at maybank , they refused to cancel it. I even called that Alan guy, he sounds rude and more like a gangster or Ah long. I have told my daughter in law to close her account at maybank since they even are unable to stop that Alan guy from doing his illegal biz.

    pls help and do sumthing before more people fall into his trap.

  117. Hi Margaret,

    Thank you very much for your message and for sharing your predicament with me. As you know, I am only a blogger and I try to highlight stuff like these hoping to create an awareness among internet users who may come across a similar situation.

    I concur with your suspicions that banks and even telcos are disclosing our personal contact numbers and God knows what other information to third parties.

    Although I am unable to help your future daughter-in-law, I hope that you can bring this up to people at Maybank. If you read one of the comments, one reader shared how she managed to file a charge back. Another shared how he insisted on getting his credit card cancelled.

    Please go through the comments to see what your options are. I wish you the best of luck!

  118. Hi Margaret,

    Please refer to farhana posted.
    for not mistaken. u can logged a dispute form from maybank2u.

    farhana July 13th, 2010 at 8:43 am 134

    you just have to fill up dispute form from website.after fill up the detail fax it to maybank. about 2 week later, u can check from ur cc acount either the charge has been cancelled or not. always call customer service to follow up. i’m so happy after use this service.

    can anyone teach me how to use this cc at petrol pump station? sory i’m still not using it

  119. I received the same call u guys received, the guy called me and verify all the details as what they asked u, but i was a bit scared after reveling my details,as he already knows my details just checking.. and after that i called the customer care to check is there any petronas card card under my name in the system, and there was no card under my im scared whether it was a same that i revelved my details

  120. I got my card today after 3 weeks from the call . Thanks emily for all the info . The funny thing is i just receive a card and one page of information letter . No information book or whatsoever . Already filled gas to my car with it to test. I can’t use it in shell but worked in petronas . hahahahhaa is it only for petronas station ? will update you guys if i able to use it in other petrol station. Thanks again emily.

  121. Hi Shahrul,

    Am glad to know everything went well with your card. I did have the booklet but looking at the rate Maybank is giving away their credit cards, they probably ran out of them already.

    I’ve not used my card at petrol stations so thanks for updating us. 🙂

  122. hye there

    juz to share with u all. maybank will only call their valued customer if the customers hav facility with them such as :

    a. saving/current acct
    b. loan – car n housing loan
    c. fixed deposit
    d. overdraft
    e. automatic payment system – salary credited to maybank account
    f. private banking customer.

    calls from customer service executives can be trust. mostly they will ask :
    a. mother’s name
    b. occupation
    c. job address
    d. card delivery location
    e. current contact no.

    tq 🙂

  123. Hi,

    As you guys reading emily2u blog ;
    I was quite shocked with the Tele-Marketing girl that registered my name for credit card.
    After i received the card for within 2 weeks.
    I decided to cut the card into two and send for cancellation (at the nearest branches).

    I was so happy i dont get any charges from anyone on my card statement.

    But the stupid part is , i just realized how this credit card really need with our life and business.

    Last week , i was doing my the my personal current account;
    One of the benefit of Premier 1 Account , they will give you dividend with the balance (not lower than Rm5000).
    And for introducer , i used my company current account;

    Within the time my account was in process ;
    I asked the staff there , could i applied for my closed credit card; and than the staff say ‘YES’.

    Just imagine , how happy i was . So i simply asked the staff if they could let my credit limit for the new card for at least Rm20000.

    Like usual , the answer was ‘NO’ because this is my first time using credit card and my account was no transaction but never mind as long as i can have a credit card that’s good enough for me. So after filled up the re-activation card . i went back home.

    A week later after i applied for the re-activated card ; a snail mail arrived from Maybank.

    Oho , guess what? They gave me Petronas Platinum card and AMEX Gold card .
    and 50% increasing credit limit . I filled up my acceptance form and sent it.

    However i just realized at the last row of the maybank letter.

    Quote ” P/S A pre-approved card upgrade , up to 50% credit limit increase, free movie tickets and bonus Membership Rewards points can be yours when you return the completed Acceptance Form. Approval and credit limit assignment is subject to final credit evaluation upon submission and reinstatement.”

    so? is it most probably my 50% increase is wont affected? as i am a 1st time use credit card ? as i mentioned above on the first paragraph.

    Happy reading it :D.
    Credit card is good if you want to apply for business;
    Specially those 12/24/36 months EzyPayment 😀 0% interest.

    and for personal user , i might you have to do a monthly financial progress as u will see what the do and don’t. if not. u will suffer with CCRIS and CTOS

  124. Hi Emily,

    When the Maybank credit card was couriered to you, do you have to receive it in person and put down your signature (like Pos Laju) or was it left in your mailbox?

  125. Veda,

    It was delivered to me by Poslaju but not only did it require my signature, I had to show the postman my MyKad. This means that if you are not at home, your family members cannot receive it on your behalf. I believe this is standard procedure for delivery of all credit cards.

  126. Alamak, nobody’s in my house during working hours. That means I have to tell Maybank that I’ll pick up the card from one of their branches.

    Thanks, Emily.

  127. Hi Emily,
    I juz received my cc pin from maybank last week & was wondering can i use my cc to do cash advance, online bill payment & checking my statement online and how..

    FYI, i dont have any accounts with maybank.


  128. Hi Yana,

    You would need an account with Maybank2u to check your credit card account and pay bills online.

    To make cash advance, you would need an ATM pin. Do note that each withdrawal, you will have to pay a fixed fee of 5% of withdrawn amount or minimum RM10. Interest rate is 18% per annum.

    You have to visit a Maybank branch near you to register with Maybank2u, if you don’t have it yet.

  129. I also received the call from Maybank. That she going to give me a Petronas Platinum. I was not really interested with cards that combined with some other company. This card mainly for Petronas user that could earn 5x points but i not a petronas customers. so bad then i would decline the card.

  130. I went through the same thing, received a call from maybank offering the petronas gold visa cc on january this year. I went to collect it months ago, but only start using it 10days ago.
    Today i received a call from a withheld number, thanking me for activating the card. She explain something about touch n go and card protection plan insurance. Suddenly she start telling me my fullname, IC no and the first 12 digit of my cc number. She ask me to give the last 4 digit for verification. Since she already knew so many thing, i just gave her the number. Plus, all my receipts and statement cover the first 12 digit but shows the last 4 number xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-1234. It,s no biggie rite? Then she ask me for the 3digit cvv. I started to panic and refused her. She said they will still charge me rm299 for the insurance.
    I feel like a fool…can they really charge me without my cvv #?

  131. This is tricky. Looks like you are not sure who called you. I don’t know if it’s possible to charge your card without CVV number as I have read two versions. However, to be safe, call Maybank Card Centre to ask for a replacement card. I believe you will have to pay a small fee, maybe RM50 or so. Do update us.

  132. Hi Emily,

    I called Maybank Card Centre and asked about the CVV thing, they gave me a vague answer too…and guess what, 10 minutes ago, I just received a call from 012-2960859 for a discount card offer! The moment I heard the word “discount card”, i just hang up the phone…

    Thank god I read ur site. There are so many useful info here compared to maybank or visa webpage. FYI, I haven’t request for a replacement card yet. If I do receive the rm299 charge, I’ll use the dispute form. Will update later ;>

  133. Hi Zura,

    If you get charged, you really should dispute. One reader managed to do so successfully, as you have read above.

    I hate the fact that we are duped into subscribing something that we didn’t want in the first place and they only mention the charges after confirming all our particulars! This company is a scam and I really wonder how they have almost all our info.

  134. hi emily, lucky i’m here to read and share all those comments and experienced.Today, I received a call known as nura with indian malay slang – and asked me about the credit card.

    The situation I went thru quite similar with zura. The trick is – At first, she start to tell me about my ic no, my full name and the card that i’m using. Then she start to tell me the card expiry date. When i said,maybe yes (expiry date), i’cant remember since i didnt look at the card. Then she asked me to hava look on the card. So i said yes (expiry date).

    I just wonder why she is asking me about the card. She start to explain that nowadays there are a lots of scams cheating credit card user. so she is calling from the credit card centre of visa and mastercard offering on the insurance covering on any loss, fraud or cheating on credit card – which is i thought she is calling from the maybank credit card centre at the 1st place. then she start to tell my first 8 digits credit card no. and asked me to read the rest of the 8 digits numb. It was so tricky that the way she talks seems like very convincing.

    Then she asked me whether i’ve already sign on the back of the card – in which is her trick to ask the 7 digit of cvv number. then she tell me the 1st 4 digit cvv and asked me to read the rest of the 3 digit cvv. Then i asked her, i’m afraid that it was a false calling but she try to convince me that if it is a false calling, then how come she knew details about me. So, i just gave her the rest of the cvv number. she asked me to buy the insurance of rm297 which will be deducted frm the credit card. However, i refused that i said i want to verify wit maybank first. At the end of the conversation, She even advice me to be careful on credit card scams, cheating and sort of it.

    the moment after that, i called the maybank card center and asked about it (insurance) and tell them that i’ve already gave the cvv no. to that 3rd party person (the woman of a bitch) . The maybank said no such thing they would ask the customer since they already hv details about their customer and the cvv number shouldnt be revealed to any 3rd party of unknown person. so that the card is immediately blocked and they will replace with a new one. I feel so stupid to hv been cheated but lucky to trust my instinct about something fishy to secure the card.

    I was so angry when i knew i’ve been cheated so that i called the number (014) and start a provocation about her syndicate and even scold her not to make use of my credit card. she try to defend herself but somehow hang up the phone, n refused to answer my calls. I text her and the moment after that she called me n said that she will make police report because of my rude attitude on her. Whatever it is, i felt satisfy that i’d blast my anger to the cheater.

  135. Azz,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience here. I hope that others will read and know what to do.

    You know, although you revealed your CVV number, I am glad that you had the presence of mind to quickly call Maybank and have your card blocked before these scammers could misuse it. I too have to admit that these scammers are very convincing that I also wonder if they are legitimate callers!

    I’m surprised that you were able to call through to the 014 numbers. Usually scammers would only call out and not pick up calls.

  136. same thing happen to me yesterday. The number 0147283095 call me and told me about the same thing they told to Azz. Anyway i got my cc block and replacement card is on the way. I am not sure if maybank will charge me 50 for this, but 50 is far more cheaper than 297.

  137. It’s shocking to know this scam is so rampant and yet authorities aren’t doing anything to stop it. Please help spread the word. We never know when we will get the phone call!

  138. in my case..i tot sumthng wrong wit the card delivery…im not sure.
    maybank kol me 2months ago about my cc and told me that i’ll get the card 2weeks later.but until now i haven’t receive my petronas visa gold card.
    but just last week my maybank2u statement show that my cc already activate.
    pleaseee explain….

  139. i wanna ask bout Free petrol: Collect TreatsPoints and use them to redeem Petronas petrol vouchers

    how much treat point do i need to redeem the vouchers ??

  140. hi emily.the bank person just called me and she said im among the selective person to been offered for this card.ahaha i dont have any credit card,and this is my first.quite on earth they know about my gross income.and if so,theres no classified boundaries between account division and credit card unit there in just 24,and this will be big for me,planning financial with a powerfull card in my hand..think wise,that what im talking to myself now T.T

  141. hi emily. enjoy reading all ur responses. i just went to ampang park yesterday to apply this credit card.

    since u have been posting this and actively replying questions, may i ask 1 question, till to date, are u still using that petronas maybank visa because it is reliable n no hassle? thank you. thumbs up for ur reply 🙂

  142. Hi,

    Some has problem with it… and some are not..

    but if u are going to apply it by yourself. than it will be no problem.
    if so sudden you got offer to get maybank credit card.
    you to think twice. (i am in this condition)..
    …. some ppl that get offer. so sudden got charge Rm488-Rm588.. i forgot the real amount.. you should scroll a bit to the previous comment;

    anyway.. what i do.. i cut the credit card.. and apply for disclosure.. but after 3months i reopen it.. as i feel so faking hard to get credit card from maybank nowdays.. (at least RM3k permonth as salary)… maybank is wide range bank… so.. u go anywhere.. everyone accept it (yes for those installment payment).

    that is it 😀

  143. do the credit card works as this way?

    lets say i spend over minimum payment i must do is 5% of 1000,meaning 50 right?

    so after making minimum payment,my new debt will be 950?

    so for the next cycle,i must make a minimum payment 5% of it correct?

    thanks in advance for your kind reply

  144. care to explain more? sory im new to this

    if interest is charged on the balance,then what is the exact meaning by “minimum payment before the deadline”? < 5% of sum balance?

  145. I have being an active user for the card in the past month. Can imagine Christmas, New Year….etc soon. it’s so convenient. But gotta spend wisely tho.

    However, i’m not sure how minimum payment and late payment works. Either they set in parallal or u don’t charge late payment after u pay minimum. The things is that i never hv problem paying until now.

  146. Really agreed with fird,

    he’s right, i’m also the victimed of the stupid linkclub, damn, felt like want to kick the person that call me laju2 at his face….

  147. Hi Emily… I am just curious, when the person from Maybank called you, did he/she told you that the call was recorded for security purpose like many times throughout the call, and did he/she asked you to read out your IC number for “verification”? Is it true that they target people with bad credit? Why do they target people with bad credit? Thanks!

  148. Sarah,

    This happened almost 3 years ago so I can’t really remember. As far as I can recall, I was asked my IC number but I was not told that the call was recorded.

    I also heard that banks target people with poor credit record probably because these people would always leave balance on their card, which means the bank can earn some interest on that.

    I don’t think I have poor credit record, though, since I don’t even have a loan with the bank or a credit card prior to this one.

  149. hi emily,

    I just receivec my new credit card. A week after that got a call from maybank. Asking me wheter i have received the card and she verified my ic, address and name and told me that they have actived my cc. Then she started telling me about this Discount card and that i can get it for free. so i said ok. and they will send it to my house in a week.

    Seeing your blog and how it is the same with other people makes me now very scared. was that really from maybank. and how come they know all my details. and if they are not from maybank can they really activate my cc. Have not called maybank.. another big problem is that i miss place the number of the lady who called. I am soo scared right now. What should i do?

  150. Just received a called from someone that said I must take the discount card.

    Took 15 minutes to say NO to him.


    Nana, I already called maybank. They said there’s no discount card that compulsory for the credit card holder.

    That called is from the third party.

  151. Hi Emily,
    Kudos to you for replying for the past 3 years.
    I got Maybank CC (Petronas Gold) card last year after made loan for my car.
    2 weeks ago I got a call from CIMBaviva for HealthPro Insurance for RM42 per month.
    Yesterday I got another insurance call from Etiqa.
    They said every Maybank CC card automatically entitled for PA insurance plan in Etiqa.
    I said I want to see the policy first since the first year also I did not read any policy but they said the due date is up and I have to pay RM300 per year.

    I want to ask you and all readers is it true or not.
    Any of you get insurance from Etiqa Personal Accident? (for Maybank Petronas CC holder)

    To my embarassment…I gave them my CVV number?
    What should I do now?
    Anyone? Please

    As for CIMBaviva, I don’t give them my CVV number?

  152. Hello Tim,

    I remember that I also received a call from Maybank (or an agent) a few months ago to subscribe to an insurance policy but I turned them down.

    If you did provide your CVV, it means that you have agreed to the policy. If you don’t want this, you can cancel it but since you already paid for one year, you will be covered for one year.

    As for CIMBaviva, if you don’t want their insurance, just say no.

  153. Hi..
    I got CIMBaviva policy today but I haven’t made payment yet. I don’t feel cheated by CIMBaviva.

    But, for Etiqa, I wish I can undo what I’ve done.
    I went to Maybank just now and they already closed (before 430pm)
    I tried to call customer service but having problem getting someone pickup the phone and end up wasting my credit.

    FYI, my car loan approved on Aug/Sept last year, my credit card issued on Sept last year, it’s not 1 year yet but they say I have to renew my Etiqa insurance.

    I feel cheated after reading all of the posts above.
    I should not reveal my CVV to any other party.
    If I can get back RM300 is good, but if not, let it be a lesson to us to be more careful next time.

    I have no problem in Maybank Petronas Gold Visa except some call from agents/privillege card.


    p.s. I hope i can fill out dispute form like farhana
    I’m also another victim of Sparks of Asia like Margaret.

  154. hi emily,

    i receieved a call last Wednsday offering the card. it sounded weird how it is so easy to get a credit card. she also said that the card bear ZERO interest(am not sure the t&C). on friday, i received a text message to collect the card but i havent collect it yet. the weirdest thing is, she asked is im still working at ABC company but that is where i did my practical training while in uni.ABC Co only appears in my resume.i did not remember giving that info while applying for my car loan.wonder whre they dig info bout me.

  155. dear emily,
    it is very nice to read ur blog here al about cc.. many tings i hv learned..=)
    jz dat.. refer to s-rank n willie comment bout minimum payment n charges on balance left.. i din quite gt the picture even after u had replied it.. cz im oso a new comers in cc world..=P
    according to ur previous comment bout dis situation, u said d interest depend on d payment history..
    my question is.. if i make minimum payment, is it there is stil charge on my balance even i pay my bill b4 d due date?
    rili hope ur reply o anyone dat cn.. tanx so much..=)

  156. If you pay the entire amount before due date then no interest will be charged.

    If you pay partial amount then interest will be charged on the balance once due date is passed.

  157. Hi Saypol,
    I’m not an expert but I’ll try try to explain. Maybe other can correct me if I’m wrong.
    Normally, bank statement will be printed on 21st of every month and we have to settle the bill before 11 next month (20 days).
    Let say you bill amount is RM1000, you have to pay at least RM50 before 11th of every month. The balance will be carried forward to the next bill with an interest (13.5, 16 an 17.5% per annum depending on your previous payment record.
    If you always pay on time the interest will be low=13.5% p.a. If you not pay in full two times then the interest will be 16% p.a. If you not pay in full for more than 2 times, the interest is 17.5% p.a.
    If you pay less than RM50, you will get penalty of RM5 or 1% of previous balance, whichever higher plus the interest on outstanding balance.

    So, always pay in full every month.
    The bank officer told me Maybankard2 is the lowest interest so far if you pay full every month (8.88%) followed by Maybankard Islamic.
    Maybank CC Islamic is better than Maybank conventional CC



    just finished

    This is about Maybank credit card service. I was double posted for a single transaction by their affiliate in October 2010 on my trip to Dhaka. First posted in November, fine that was the amount I spent. then in December the same BDT amount was posted again. I filed for dispute on 17/12/2010.

    Guess what, it took them more than 4 months, after I follow up for them to settle the dispute and I got the amount posted refunded to me in May 2011 statement! It suppose to be settled in 14 days!!!

    another blow to me as their customer and a ‘victim’, they didn’t refund the finance charge for said disputed amount, which they regularly billed me every month. I went on calling their call center, it was nice at first, but it hit my nerve when the agent said they can only refund finance charge billed in January statement. The reason, I only paid all non-disputed amount only for December statements. For January onwards, I didn’t fully pay non-disputed amount. So they can’t refund finance charge for January onwards account balance (disputed amount + non-disputed amount). I stressed that they should not charge finance charge for the “disputed amount”, regardless of I paid full or not my account monthly balance. why I need to pay interest on amount of money I never spend but wrongly charged to me??? I stressed that sooo many time to get the agent understand, what is to be a customer and a victim at the same time!!! Now my bank want to con me by charging finance fee over something I didn’t spend..

    After about 30 minutes, the agent seems to understand and called me back that they will work on ‘proportionate finance charge’!

    I have to fight hard for my right – what the fnck is wrong with these people?

    I’m canceling my card after three long years.

  159. hye tim n emily..
    rili thanks 4 ur information guys.. rili it gt help me to understand mre bout cc..=)
    i wil continue to read dis blog bout cc..=)

  160. Hi there,

    My name is Anis, im one of the credit card user of Maybank Petronas Visa Ikhwan Gold. So far now, I have zero debt with the card as I always pay full every month. Besides, Im not spending too much on my CC. But in this time, I have to travel somewhere which need a lot of money. I was thinking about cash advance. My Own Saving+cash advance should can cover all of my expenses.

    Since I never make any cash advance before, I would like to know if I withdraw RM1000 and make repayment 3 times within 3 month (around RM3++.00), how much will be the interest rate bank will charge me for every month? Or is it the same rate as every debt we have to pay in every month CC statement? Or is it different in case of cash advance?

    Hope someone will clear this thing for me before I make any mistake.

  161. I’m still waiting for mine to be delivered! But if the pen don’t come with it – I’m tempted to send it back! grrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Just joking, and yes I’d love to go shopping! 🙂

    Seriously tho… glad I read this page, somebody’s said wait 3 weeks. I already waited 2 and thought maybe the neighbours are having a spend up at my expense or its lost in the post! 🙁

    Jokin again, neighbours are good, they always take in my post for me when I’m away at work..

  162. Hi Lina,

    I find this article to be informative to the students and youngsters. do you mind if i publish this article? Thanks.

    P.S. great article btw. =)

  163. hi, can anybody here tell me how long does it usually take to settle a dispute? My credit card was charged for some insurance that I had no knowledge of. I had submitted a dispute form two months ago and it’s still not settled. I called the customer service and the person who answered the call said that they’re still waiting for the company to send them proof of purchase and if they fail to send the proof I have to settle this with the company myself. Shouldn’t they just cancel the charges since the company can’t prove the purchase cause obviously I didn’t make it >_<

  164. It is now relatively easy to obtain a credit card. On top of that besides getting points every time we use the card, there isn’t much to look forward to.

    I was calling some hotel up for discounts if we use our Petronas Gold Visa and I notice the different is so little.

    And of course even being a good paymaster does get you off paying the $50 yearly government tax.

  165. hi emilly.. i agree sometimes its nice to get another cc , but its a pain when the billing arrived.. but if i can get some free like you,i will accept it too..

    btw how many cc do u have?

  166. Maybank 2 card is pretty good. May consider. But the good one is American Express card, which offers 5% cashback on most of the things + 5X Treatspoints. Such a good deal.

    But to consider about the limitation of American Express card which can be used at lesser places.

  167. really? which one is better? Petronas Maybank Visa Gold or Maybank Islamic Petronas Ikhwan Visa Gold Card-i ? i’m confuse to choose which one

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