Housemen’s Canteen, Singapore

Housemen's Canteen Singapore
1. breakfast sets

I don’t have much information about this Housemen’s Canteen but from its name, I guess it was initially a regular hospital canteen for housemen.

Housemen's Canteen Singapore
2. placing their orders at the counter

Since the operations of this eatery was taken over by Kopitiam, it is now open to the public. But then again, who in his right mind would dine here if he has no business at the Singapore General Hospital or Outram Campus?

Housemen's Canteen Singapore
3. Housemen's Canteen

Well, I found myself having breakfast here one morning during my Singapore vacation, to meet my old friend, Wei Sim. I was staying at Hotel Re! in Singapore, and this canteen is just a short walk away, after coming down from Pearl’s Hill.

Housemen's Canteen Singapore
4. a montage of old photographs of Singapore General Hospital and its staff

From Outram Park MRT Station, take the pedestrian bridge to cross the road to Singapore General Hospital. Then walk right, until you reach the junction. Turn left into College Road. The canteen is just steps away on your right across the road.

Housemen's Canteen Singapore
5. outer section of the Housemen’s Canteen

From the outside, Housemen’s Canteen looked like a library but inside, it looked like a food court. I was there for breakfast and food stalls were not opened for business yet.

Housemen’s Canteen
Add: 10, College Road, Singapore 169851.
Tel: 27422962

Business hours:
6.30am – 7.30pm (Mon – Fri)
6.30am – 2.30pm (Sat)
*closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Housemen's Canteen Singapore
6. frontage

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  1. First thing came to mind, a place for doctors and medical students. They’d need to publicise a bit more to let people know that it’s open to public for traffic to build up.

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