Visiting migme Headquarters in Singapore

Migme Singapore
1. migme mascots

While in Singapore on vacation in January, I was invited to visit the head office of migme. I’d be honest and say that I have never heard of migme before, until a friend told me about it two weeks before my trip.

Migme Singapore
2. migme headquarters in Singapore

Migme is a social entertainment platform, sort of like a cross between Instagram and Facebook. At this point in time, it reaches nine million active monthly users in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa and the number seems to be growing.

Migme Singapore
3. migme audience team

Migme is available on desktop and as an Android mobile application, although till date, my app isn’t working as it should, and I have been told, the engineers are checking it out and troubleshooting.

Anyway, the migme office at Peninsular Plaza (nearest MRT: City Hall) is the headquarters. I’d have to say, I didn’t expect that many people to be working here.

Migme Singapore
4. the team behind LoveByte mobile app

The migme team shares office with the staff of a sister company called LoveByte. It’s a mobile application available on both iOS and Android, which only allows communication with one partner as it is supposed to be a “couple app”.

Migme Singapore
5. migme engineering team

Imagine, once connected with your partner, the app can track even your battery level and the weather where you are. Now, isn’t that too creepy? It is for me.

Still, I tried it out and it was eye-opening, to say the least. Are you a migme or LoveByte user?

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