Histories Where has Singapore Gone

Histories: Where Has Singapore Gone?

Singapore’s location and historical trajectory have meant that materials relevant to the island’s natural history are dispersed in a multitude of forms and depositories across the globe.

Histories Where Has Singapore Gone

From plants collected in 1796 by a botanist who missed his boat, a medical officer who collected both fish and meteorological data, to a school-master who took photos of places he visited while scouring the world for the perfect fibre for Thomas Alva Edison’s incandescent bulb, join Research Associate Martyn E. Y. Low as he uncovers the fate of these materials, how they can be (re)collected, and why they matter.

For more information on the National Library’s exhibition: Human x Nature: Environmental Histories of Singapore.

Date & time: 21st June, 2021 (18:00 –19:00 UTC+08)
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