I actually wanted to publish this photo weeks ago but my mum asked me to submit it to The Star’s Thumbnails column, which I did and gave them the first option but they did not think it is good enough to be published, let alone win the token sum of RM50.

defiance against authorities

Well, I think this is a great photo and worthy to be published here on my blog. This is a classic case of a “picture speaks a thousand words”.

I got to know that this sign post was only planted that very morning and in the evening, there was already a bag of rubbish hanging ON it. Talk about civic-mindedness but I would like to stress that not ALL Ipoh folks are like this, OK?

It would not be so bad if the bag of rubbish was placed on the ground, as usual but to hang onto the post is open defiance towards the authorities. Don’t you think so?

Now that I have posted this on my blog, I probably have forfeited my chance of winning RM50, if there was a chance at all in the first place!
With love

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