Raw Bean Curd Puffs

I was at Tesco Extra quite a while ago and saw baskets of raw bean curd puffs on sale. You may wonder why I shot this photo. Well, these puffs reminded me of a friend who recently told me that “tau pok” is one of his favourite food. Mmmgg I also like them especially when they are soaked with curry 🙂

Isn’t it funny that KL people call it “tau pok”? It’s called “taufu pok” here in Ipoh and I think the proper word is still “taufu pok” because TAU is BEAN but TAUFU is BEAN CURD.

By the way, I don’t really like this photo. The puffs look like plastic, don’t they? Eewww
With love

6 thoughts on “Raw Bean Curd Puffs

  1. but I call it taufu pok wor, at least that’s what my mom calls it anyway hehe… could it be that some people call it tau pok because that’s how it sounds when the word is spoken fast in one go, so the ‘fu’ is somewhat unheard or something? sure only Ipoh people call it tau pok ar?

    interesting point though 🙂 happy weekend! don’t forget to spare some CNY shopping for yourself, not just your folks 😉

  2. _butt,

    Happy weekend to you too!

    Ipoh people call it taufu pok… hhmm at least my family does. Hahaha but my KL friend called it “tau pok” and it was kinda weird sounding to me.

    Ughhh please don’t remind me of Chinese New Year aiyooo!!! So many things to buy, so little money!!

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