Last month, I got my hands on a pair of pink sailor dogs from Victoria’s Secret (VS). If you are familiar with Victoria’s Secret, then I am sure you know that they have adopted a pink dog as their logo for their Pink Collection a couple of years back. I don’t know why a dog and I don’t know why pink and not the baby pink that I like… it’s a deeper shade of pink.

A long time ago, I mentioned that it is a bad idea to use a dog as a logo because it conflicts with a certain segment of people but they never listen to me. Hahaha! And now they even turned it into a sailor, a blind one.

Look at these photos and you will know what I mean. They did not even bother to sew the eyes or stick them with those “toy eye”, a white dome with a small black bead inside. When I was a kid, I loved collecting these eyes. I must have pulled them off from my toys or else where did I get so many in my collection? I don’t remember anything, though.

At first, I thought of giving these away but I didn’t know if I should give them both to the same person, which will then seem like a little too much of a good thing and not spreading the love enough.

If I were to find two different owners for this pair of dogs then it’s so cruel of me to separate them. Even if they are only cotton toys!

With love

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