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What Blog Is This???

A friend came to know of this blog and asked me what sort of blog is this? What direction is it taking? What theme do I have in mind? Well, I am sorry to disappoint but this is going to be my free-for-all personal blog, hence it has my name on the title. *GASP* I hear ya! Loud and clear!

Isn’t it the trend to start niche blogs so that there would be more sponsors who would pay big bucks to have their posts on relevant blogs hence carry more weight in their outgoing links? Isn’t it the trend to capture targeted Google AdSense ads? Yes, it is the trend but I have been known to go against trends haha!

Let me tell you, with six active blogs, not taking this into account, where five of them are niche blogs, well, let’s just say I have had it up to my nose coming up with niche topics to write to fit into niche blogs every single post, every day.

For once, or twice, since I DO have a personal blog on Blogger *small gasp*, I am going to write what I like and when I like. I am not going to be dictated by themes, niches and what-nots!

Ahh…. it’s so liberating!
With love

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