I was at Watson’s in Tesco, Ipoh, a couple of evenings ago to pick up some toiletries and I noticed this cardboard which says “Empress Bird Nets RM49.90 – Buy 1, Get 1 FREE”.

While Malaysians love to say “Buy 1, Free 1”, which is grammatically wrong, I found it amusing that Watson’s was actually selling Bird NETS, two for RM49.90. Cheap or not?

I’ve never heard of Empress Bird’s nest before but compared to other more established brand names, Empress at RM49.90 for two boxes is really cheap. I was told that bird’s nest can help us with our complexion. Really can ah?? If it’s true, I also need to start taking bird’s nest already on a long term basis. God knows my complexion needs some help!

With love

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