Bear Land In Clay

everything made from clay

I bumped into a Children’s Art Fair in Kinta City shopping mall in Ipoh two days ago. Well, I think it was called “Children’s Art Fair” but then my memory isn’t very good and shouldn’t be trusted 100% LOL.

cute Bearland

Anyway, I am extremely impressed with the children’s artwork on display and the one that caught my eye the most was this “Bear Land” which was made entirely with clay. It is so cute I couldn’t resist taking multiple shots of it from various angles.

very detailed clay trees

I remember playing with clay dough a long time ago. It was not any art lesson or a school project. I just bought it for fun. Unfortunately, the only thing I managed to mold was an ashtray. You know, something like a deep dish! The sad thing was that THAT was the only thing I could come up with and the rest of the clay was left to collect dust. That was the beginning and end of my attempt at clay art. How unimaginative and uncreative!

inside of the clay bear house

I don’t know how many people constructed this Bear Land in clay or how many man hours were put into the completion of it. We were not even told the age group of the children who designed and built this. This was on display only to sell us boxes of clay and to show us what could be done with the clay.

two clay bears fishing

The thing they didn’t tell is how much time parents spend driving their children to art classes or the money invested in art supplies! Oh, the sacrifices parents have to make to cultivate and develop a child’s talent!

clay bears hard at work

Talking about art classes, I remember attending one every week for almost a year when I was 15. The art teacher, Mrs. Chong, was a very popular art teacher then and it took some string pulling to get into her class, especially for someone who was in an exam year. Yes, I signed up to art paper for SRP and had to take a crash course under her but unfortunately even after one year, I still can’t draw to save my life! Tragic!

clay bears need to exercise too!

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  1. Hi Eric,

    I don’t think so because this was held in conjunction with the school holidays. Anyway, I can’t check as I am in KL now.

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