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kids art competition

This children's art competition, organized by Save The World Consortium, was held in conjunction with yesterday's Kempen Berbasikal Bersama Rakyat 1313 Ke-2. Little artists came equipped not only with their art supplies but also mini tables, chairs, sitting mats, and even their own portable fans. Participants were split into three age groups (4 - 6 ... continue reading »

Bear Land In Clay

Mar 22, 2010 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - iPhone
everything made from clay

I bumped into a Children's Art Fair in Kinta City shopping mall in Ipoh two days ago. Well, I think it was called "Children's Art Fair" but then my memory isn't very good and shouldn't be trusted 100% LOL. Anyway, I am extremely impressed with the children's artwork on display and the one that caught my ... continue reading »

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