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Announcement: Wesak Day Programme 2017 @ Wat Trum Jit Tavipassana

Wesak Day is observed on May 10 (Wednesday) this year. This holy day of devotion is also known as “Lord Buddha’s birthday” although it is a day to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and passing of Lord Guatama Buddha. Widely celebrated in Malaysia by Buddhists, temples and wats are open early for devotees to offer their prayers.

at Thumcitta Vipassana Temple
at Thumcitta Vipassana Temple

Listed below is the Wesak Day schedule of Wat Trum Jit Tavipassana (Thumcitta Vipassana Temple) in Ipoh, observed annually.

Date: 10th May, 2017 (Wednesday)

10am – offering of food for Bhikkhu
12pm – light refreshment
1pm – offering of robe for Bhikkhu
8pm – devotion
*All are welcome. For non-Muslims only.

Wat Trum Jit Tavipassana (Thumcitta Vipassana Temple)
Add: Persiaran Bercham Utara 11, Bercham, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: 012-4520080 (Ling) – communication in Cantonese, Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia

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13 thoughts on “Announcement: Wesak Day Programme 2017 @ Wat Trum Jit Tavipassana

  1. It means we will expect more visitors on May 10, paying for their respects and asking for more blessings. It would be a lovely day to visit. We never know.what Buddha will give to his devotees 🙂

  2. This –>” *All are welcome. For non-Muslims only” caught my attention. Is the event for those who want to see more about your religion? It’s not clear. I wanted to know more about buddha and his life but also to meet local people during the 2 weeks that I will be visiting.
    Why an event for non-muslims only?

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