2015 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup – Match 6 – Australia (3) – Malaysia (2)

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey
1. Australia (white/gold) vs. Malaysia (yellow/black)

Malaysia put on a commendable performance to stave off an attacking Australia, keeping a partisan crowd of fans on the edge of their seats. Still, that wasn’t enough to stop the mighty Aussies from winning.

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

The Kookaburras could not score by a wider goal margin; nevertheless a win is a win. Therefore, Malaysia are still trying hard to gain a point on the table after losing both the games they played.

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Malaysian Coach Tai Beng Hai lamented that his boys left it too late to score, in what was a rematch of last year’s finals. Tai expressed hope that his team can sustain their performance throughout the tournament.

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Malaysia play India next. Both teams are seeking their first win of the tournament and will be hungry on the field.

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey
8. World No. 1 player, Jamie Dwyer of Australia, nets a ball via penalty stroke

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Event: 2015 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup – Match 6 – Australia (3) – Malaysia (2)
Venue: Stadium Azlan Shah, Ipoh
Date: 6th April, 2015
Time: 8.10pm

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