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Sultan Azlan Shah Cup field hockey Ipoh

In what appeared to be like a rematch of the final Round Robin game between Malaysia and Canada, in this 5th & 6th placing classification match, the Malaysians were clueless at the onslaught of the Canadians. In the previous match, Malaysia won 4-1 against Canada but barely 24 hours later, both teams couldn't put their ball ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey

Despite knowing that Malaysia will play Canada in the classification match for 5th place on the final day of the tournament, the last Round Robin game must go on. Cheered on by die-hard fans, Malaysia triumphed over Canada 4-1, pushing until the end although under heavy downpour in the last ten minutes of the game. Canada, ranked ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Malaysia put on a commendable performance to stave off an attacking Australia, keeping a partisan crowd of fans on the edge of their seats. Still, that wasn't enough to stop the mighty Aussies from winning. The Kookaburras could not score by a wider goal margin; nevertheless a win is a win. Therefore, Malaysia are still trying ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Playing under heavy thunderstorm, New Zealand Coach Colin Batch was very pleased to come out victorious from the very difficult game. The rain break may have helped them change strategy against the Indians. Colin also acknowledged the beauty of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, a tournament which forces the teams to play against very contrasting styles. Meanwhile, ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Canada may have lost the match to a better team but Coach Anthony Farry was pleased that his boys gave a better performance than they did in their opening match against Australia the day before. According to Farry, they defended well and were able to create opportunities, although the results did not show it. Having lost twice ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2015

Defending champions Australia and World No. 15 Canada kicked off this year's Sultan Azlan Shah Cup with the first match at 4.10pm on Sunday. Australia had an interesting mix of players, with World No 1 Jamie Dwyer appearing 322 times for his country, setting a new record, and Tim Cross, with his debut appearance for Australia. ... continue reading »

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