2015 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup – Match 5 – New Zealand (2) – India (1)

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey
1. New Zealand (black) vs. India (blue)

Playing under heavy thunderstorm, New Zealand Coach Colin Batch was very pleased to come out victorious from the very difficult game. The rain break may have helped them change strategy against the Indians.

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Colin also acknowledged the beauty of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, a tournament which forces the teams to play against very contrasting styles.

Sultan Azlan Shah hockey

Meanwhile, Indian Coach Paul Van Ass felt that his boys had played a good game hockey-wise, although they have no results to show for that. Only three weeks into his posting, Paul is trying to incorporate some of his strategies into his charges, using this tournament to try out different tactics.

Event: 2015 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup – Match 5 – New Zealand (2) – India (1)
Venue: Stadium Azlan Shah, Ipoh
Date: 6th April, 2015
Time: 6.10pm

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