Watoto Children’s Choir in Ipoh

Watoto Childrens Choir
1. Watoto Children’s Choir in Ipoh

Glory Creative Team brought to Ipoh Watoto Children’s Choir, the much sought-after group of children from Uganda, to perform two shows recently.

Watoto Childrens Choir
2. performing an African dance

The 18 children, between 5 to 14 years old, are all orphans under the care of Watoto, a holistic care programme that looks after the children’s welfare and education in three villages in Kampala and Gulu.

Watoto Childrens Choir
3. sharing the power of God

They were accompanied by ten teachers and led by co-ordinator Joanne Lam from Hong Kong.

Watoto Childrens Choir
4. leading a performance

In Malaysia, for two months since December 3, the choir have scheduled 40 shows in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Seremban and Ipoh. Malaysia is their third and final country after Hong Kong and South Korea, before they return to Uganda. By then, they would have staged some 120 performances.

Watoto Childrens Choir
5. conveying the message of love through music and dance

According to Joanne, anyone who would like to engage the choir to a performance, particularly in Kuala Lumpur, may do so through their website www.watoto.asia.

Watoto Childrens Choir
6. children singing along to the songs

This trip to Ipoh is part of their Asia tour, themed “Beautiful Africa: A New Generation” which began since September.

Watoto Childrens Choir
7. two girls from the audience participating in a game

These five months on the road is a good training ground for the kids in building self-confidence and discipline.

Watoto Childrens Choir
8. local boys participating in a game

Besides bearing the message of love and the power of Jesus through singing and dancing, these child ambassadors representing the other 3,000 Watoto children back home were also on a mission to raise funds for the living expenses, medical care and education of those under the wing of Watoto.

Watoto Childrens Choir
9. energetic signing and dancing

But what would really lessen the burden of Watoto is sponsorship of children from well-wishers, at RM120 a month per child. For further information, check their website www.watoto.asia

Watoto Childrens Choir
10. co-ordinator of Watoto Children’s Choir Joanne Lam from Hong Kong (L) with her translator

Event: Watoto Children’s Choir 2014
Venue: Red Crescent Hall, Ipoh
Date: 11th Dec, 2014
Time: 2pm & 8pm

*for non-Muslims only

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