Human Rights Day 2014

Human Rights Day
1. PLUS at Human Rights Day gathering in Ipoh

December 10 was proclaimed as Human Rights Day by the United Nations General Assembly back in 1948.

Human Rights Day
2. one of the speakers

It was to bring to attention the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for everybody, no matter which country we live in.

Human Rights Day
3. a farmer speaks about the land issues he is facing

Human Rights 365, this year’s slogan, was to encompass the idea that every day is Human Rights Day, and that everyone is entitled to the same full range of human rights.

Human Rights Day
4. supporters of human rights

In Ipoh, a coalition of non-governmental organisations brought together concerned citizens at the Ipoh Railway Station, to educate and highlight issues regarding human rights abuses in Malaysia.

Human Rights Day
5. the small crowd that has gathered at the Ipoh Railway Station in support of Human Rights Day

Event: Human Rights Day 2014
Venue: Ipoh Railway Station
Date: 10th Dec, 2014
Time: 8.30pm

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