Shaolin Martial Arts Demonstration

Shaolin demonstration
look, ma, no hands!

Today, I bring you videos of the Shaolin martial arts performances from last evening’s show at Kinta City, Ipoh, Perak in conjunction with Chinese New Year 2011. I don’t know what happened but the photos and videos seem dark, though they are still viewable. Perhaps it’s the lighted rabbit on stage. Whatever the cause, I’m not too happy with the quality.

hat juggling
hat juggling

The show lasted only half an hour and some of the performances were pretty standard, from juggling to whipping, to breaking hard objects with various parts of the body. The highlight of it, though, was when one of the kung fu exponents wrapped a long steel cable around his neck. Simply amazing that he didn’t choke. Watch this video playlist with four videos and let me know your thoughts.

Video (below): 4-in-1 video playlist on the various Shaolin performances

Check the full list of Kinta City’s Chinese New Year 2011 events HERE.

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