Nissan Navara 4X4 (OTR From MYR89,800)

Nissan Navara

OK, I have to admit that I know nothing about this vehicle except its name, Nissan Navara, its distributor, Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn. Bhd., and its estimated price of MYR89,800. It’s cheaper than Toyota Hilux 3.0G at MYR106K. And obviously, it’s a 4X4.

Navara front

The reason I am posting this is because I am once again blown away by the quality of my iPhone’s camera. I know there are plenty of people who diss iPhones and mind you, this is only a humble first-generation iPhone 2G with 2.0MP camera. As you can see, these photos are so sharp, the camera was even able to capture the gleam of the vehicle and the distinct reflection on the metal parts.


Surely a phone camera can never compare to quality from a dedicated digital camera but there’s no denying that the photos here, with no touch-up to the photos whatsoever except resizing, are good enough for blog or web publishing. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am no Apple fangirl but using an iPhone to shoot photos is totally fuss-free. There is no setting to worry about, not even optical zoom, and I have to say that almost 95% of my photos shot using iPhone are good enough for public consumption.

Navara side

I really enjoyed photographing this vehicle. The sale guy didn’t engage me with any sales talk but instead, told me to go ahead and take photos! He’s the best! LOL

Navara back

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