My friend gave me these Quantum Scalar Energy items last evening; a pendant and a sports flask.

Quantum Scalar Energy
Quantum Scalar Energy

My friend told me that they are supposed to give me energy and that I would feel less tired. He knows that I have to stay up through the night and these are supposed to help me. I don’t know if they will work but I slept through last night! Gosh, my bed a foot away was so tempting. I tried; God knows I tried to stay awake. I think the only way is to throw out my mattress. 😛

Anyway, I am trying out the pendant while the family will be trying out the flask. I could also place my water bottle on top of the pendant for about ten minutes to energize the water, so I don’t need the flask, though it is more convenient.

Normally, I do not believe in these things but since they are free, there’s nothing to lose, right? By the way, I love freebies! Take first, question later! If I have to pay for these, I would rather not, energized or not!

With love

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