Quantum Scalar Energy

My friend gave me these Quantum Scalar Energy items last evening; a pendant and a sports flask.

Quantum Scalar Energy
Quantum Scalar Energy

My friend told me that they are supposed to give me energy and that I would feel less tired. He knows that I have to stay up through the night and these are supposed to help me. I don’t know if they will work but I slept through last night! Gosh, my bed a foot away was so tempting. I tried; God knows I tried to stay awake. I think the only way is to throw out my mattress. 😛

Anyway, I am trying out the pendant while the family will be trying out the flask. I could also place my water bottle on top of the pendant for about ten minutes to energize the water, so I don’t need the flask, though it is more convenient.

Normally, I do not believe in these things but since they are free, there’s nothing to lose, right? By the way, I love freebies! Take first, question later! If I have to pay for these, I would rather not, energized or not!

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10 thoughts on “Quantum Scalar Energy

  1. I don’t know if they will work but I slept through last night!

    hmm… so this product is suppose to make you feel more… energized?

  2. Emily,

    Please advise if the quantum pendant is any good, now that you are wearing it for a couple of weeks now. I am thinking of buying one yet i am so sceptical. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jane,

    Good question!

    While I personally do not feel any effect, my mother says she feels less lethargic. She uses the sports flask and sometimes wears my pendant. It could be psychological but I will be getting her a pendant later since she likes it.

    If you have a friend who has a pendant or any scalar energy product, perhaps you could use it on loan then buy it only if you are convinced that you are benefiting.

  4. Hey Maxx,

    These products I am using are from Fusion Excel.

    I understand that there are a few companies in this business so I think that the effectiveness comes from purity of the material, hence the price difference.

    However, the price I stated is retail price. I am sure that there will be agents selling cheaper, cutting into their own commission to push sales and offload some stocks.

  5. Hi Emily,

    I find these things fascinating! Googlemail saw something or other in my inbox and decided an advert for this pendant was something I’d be interested in!

    I’m a physicist myself and was taken aback by the sheer wrongness of the supposed science behind it! A mish-mash of physics buzz-words mixed into a meaningless mush. BUT! I think that’s not to say that it can’t work via the placebo effect; I would not be surprised if all the high-power, high-concept verbiage actually increased its efficacy to those who want to buy into it. Fair play to them!

  6. It’s all a placebo. There’s no such thing as “quantum scalar energy”; as Vance pointed out, it’s just a bunch of buzzwords strung together. Also, the company’s website says that the pendant is “made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level.”

    This basically just means that the atoms are stuck together, like in every single other piece of solid matter in the universe.

  7. Amazon is selling at $10.99 USD.
    Converted to malaysia is less than RM40.

    I am buying one from ebay also less than RM40.

    I believe it does work perfectly, RM40 is no harm, but do not pay hefty price to those MLM company, they are all greedy monster.

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