Boy, am I glad that the eighth month, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, is over and we have entered the ninth month today. Although it was supposed to be an unfavourable month for me, it wasn’t all that bad, thank God. Still, it didn’t hurt for me to lie low.

While the Rooster month may not be good for me, it is one of the most popular months for Chinese couples to tie the knot. You cannot imagine the number of red bombs I received last lunar month! Why is it a preferred month to get married? Merely because the number 8 sounds like ‘prosperous’ in Chinese.

homepage of

homepage of

Well, when I can’t personally attend, I rely on gifts, made meaningful with personalisation. has always been my lifesaver, simply for the fact that it is so convenient to select and customise my gifts.

It helps that there is a wide range of wedding gifts to choose from. My favourites are t-shirts and mugs but – Precious Gifts From Your Heart also offers throw pillows, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles, keychains and more.

To me, personalised gifts mark a special occasion and what better way to commemorate a wedding than to have this day of celebration sealed in an item, where one will always be reminded of the event, even when amnesia strikes? And happiness is doubled when the gifts are couple gifts!

wedding gift ideas

wedding gift ideas

Even though Printcious has always been my go-to online customised gift printer, I have only ever used them for birthday gifts previously. I love their birthday gift ideas for both Him and Her.

Print-on-demand solves the headache and hassle of shopping from a regular gift store. Besides, most brick-and-mortar gift stores do not offer personalisation or customisation.

For all the hassle-free shopping, the prices of personalised gifts by Printcious are really reasonable, whether for birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just for fun.

For example, it is RM39.90 for a t-shirt and RM29.90 for a mug, and you can choose to have your very own design. Totally worth every Ringgit, I say.

customisation tool for t-shirt

customisation tool for t-shirt

Oh, by the way, even for a graphic noob like me, customising a gift is a breeze with Printcious, thanks to its user-friendly tool and layout. If you can read and understand English, you are good to go.

Besides, there is no worry that the print quality is poor. I have had a few t-shirts printed by Printcious over the years for different occasions and I have no complaints.

Printcious is also available in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Philippines & Taiwan.

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