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T-Bowl Spicy Hell Ramen Contest

Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant
T-Bowl Concept Restaurant

T-Bowl, which stands for “toilet bowl”, is a popular concept restaurant originated from Penang in 2008, now with four outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. It has yet to come to Ipoh, though.

Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant
bath tub as dining table

Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant
creative use of the wash basin and commode

T-Bowl is currently running an “Eat for Free” spicy hell ramen contest, where diners get to eat the spicy hell ramen for free if they could finish the bowl of spicy ramen within ten minutes of being served. Otherwise, it’s RM14.90 per bowl of ramen noodles. This is similar to Sushi King’s Big Bowl Noodles Challenge. Contest ends 12th Nov, 2011.

Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant
toilet bowls

Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant
Japanese style vegetarian fried rice

Check out these photos of a typical T-Bowl outlet, where you can find toilet bowls used as seats, basins and bath tubs as dining tables and mini toilet bowls as food bowls. Dining in a shower stall is certainly a new experience for most of us.

Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant
T-Bowl menu

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