Sushi King Big Bowl Noodles Challenge Eat For Free

I went to Ipoh Parade last night and came across this Big Bowl Noodles Challenge at Sushi King. It runs through the month of September and the challenge is for anyone to eat for free only if the huge bowl of noodles is finished within 10 minutes of being served.

Sushi King promotion
Sushi King promotion

According to the poster, this bowl of noodles (Soba / Udon) in the Big Bowl Noodles Challenge is five times the normal (standard serving) bowl of noodles and if one cannot finish it within 10 minutes, he will have to pay RM38.80. Imagine, paying that for a bowl of noodles, albeit a gigantic one!

Just looking at the promotional poster, I feel like throwing up already but then I normally do not eat a lot. 😀 If you look at Nathan’s International July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest, you’d see that people who can eat a lot and eat fast too aren’t necessarily big in size. Anyone game for this challenge? Remember, eat at your own risk!

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2 thoughts on “Sushi King Big Bowl Noodles Challenge Eat For Free

  1. still have big bowl noodles challenge?
    I would like to participate。。。
    pls reply me on facebook (Louis Tiong)

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