Logos Hope – World’s Largest Floating Book Fair

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Logos Hope
MV Logos Hope

MV Logos Hope, a mission ship converted into the world’s largest floating book fair, is calling on four ports in Malaysia. The ship, manned by an international crew of 45 nationalities, has already called on Penang and Port Klang since August. It is currently berthed at Kuching Port, Sarawak and will be there until 13th Nov, whereupon it will sail to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Logos Hope
world’s largest floating book fair

Logos Hope
history in pictures

The world’s largest floating book fair brings with it more than five thousand book titles. Since this is a Christian mission ship, most of the titles, sourced from around the world, are Christian-themed. The Logos Hope, because it sails around the world, has its own currency. Books are priced in units. In Malaysia, 100 units equal RM8.

Logos Hope
God’s promise

Logos Hope

Once you walk up the gangway, you wouldn’t even realise that you are on a ship. It looks just like a regular book store, as you can see from these photos. You can look out to the sea from portholes in the cafe, though.

Logos Hope
Christian music for sale


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2 thoughts on “Logos Hope – World’s Largest Floating Book Fair

  1. Please tell or show me how (which way or road to take) I can get to visit the ship. I intend to visit the ship and bring along a group of trainees under my care on Wednesday morning.

    I shall also appreciate if there could by contact numbers to call for information.

    Thanks in advance.

    Fr. William Poilis.

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