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Taro Restaurant – Japanese Fusion Buffet

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Taro Restaurant
Taro Restaurant - Japanese Fusion Buffet

Had the opportunity to dine at Taro Restaurant one recent evening and decided to snap some photos. Taro Restaurant comes highly recommended by a friend, by the way.

Taro Restaurant
drinks counter

Taro Restaurant

The food photos I am showing in this post is just part of the menu. For this Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the menu will include turkey and red wine, for the same price.

Taro Restaurant
sushi 1


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10 thoughts on “Taro Restaurant – Japanese Fusion Buffet

  1. Is this restaurant at Syuen Hotel and is the food halal? It used to be halal in Syuen and it was much cheaper and the food was very good.

  2. Taro Restaurant relocated some time back to one of the bungalow-type houses opposite Greentown Business Centre.

    I am not sure of their halal status but they are pork and lard-free.

    The food is still good but the price is too expensive for me to dine there more regularly. They seem very popular, though, judging from the number of diners whenever I pass by.

  3. The tel no for buffet booking is 05-2412551. The number provided here claimed was for ala carte booking only

  4. Erm is it a all u can eat buffet or comes with sets and limited?? Does Sashimi included? what diff from noon and night buffets extra anythings?

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