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Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2013

The last time Malaysia played in the Championship match of Sultan Azlan Shah Cup was in 2009, where they lost to Australia. In 2013, Malaysia meets Australia again, carrying the entire nation's hopes on their shoulders, to finally lift the trophy since its inception. Over the twenty two editions of this tournament, Malaysia has only been ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2013

The bronze medal match between New Zealand and Korea found both teams trying to look for an opening to score. Both teams failed to convert their penalty corners as well. However, in the second half, things started to get rough, when New Zealand was awarded with a penalty corner, which they converted. Korea registered a protest ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2013

A hockey match between Pakistan and India is always keenly contested. Never mind that this match was fought to see which team didn't end up at the bottom of the tournament. They just must win against their opponent. The feeling was mutual on both sides. Although there were some interesting parts in the game, especially the ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

The 12,000 seating capacity of Stadium Azlan Shah was filled to the brim as fans got wind that Malaysia has qualified for the finals on Sunday, thanks to Australia's win against New Zealand in the earlier game. Malaysia, never in such a comfortable position before, and only the fourth time in the history of the tournament ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

Australia vs. New Zealand was a much-anticipated match as it would decide Malaysia's fate in the tournament. However, the first half was rather dull because the two teams know each other too well. Australia has a young and inexperienced team and despite having possession of the ball and chances at the penalty corner, they were ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

The Korea vs. Pakistan game on Day 5 of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2013 was a painful match to watch. Despite leading 1-0 in the first half, Pakistan could only manage a draw with Korea. Korea's second goal was due to Pakistan's own goal. Also, with less than 12 minutes on the clock, Pakistan ... continue reading »

SAS Cup 2013 men’s international field hockey

It was once again full house at Stadium Azlan Shah during Malaysia's match against Pakistan on Day 4 of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2013. The Malaysian hockey boys had been psyched out to win every game they play, but Pakistan put up a good performance and did not yield. Malaysia enjoyed a short lead but with ... continue reading »

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