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60th Gurdwara Cup 2011

The 60th Gurdwara Cup and Sikh Festival of Sports 2011 wrapped up after four days of intense competition in golf, badminton, netball, football and hockey. The games were played in various venues around the city of Ipoh in Perak, Malaysia. GO TO PAGE 2 TO CONTINUE READING… Here are the final results of all the games: Golf Winner - ... continue reading »

Gurdwara Cup 2011

I finally managed to catch a game this evening and it was the men's hockey finals between Perak and Kuala Lumpur. I am not a great hockey fan but since Perak is my home state I decided to support Perak. hehehe! It's unfortunate, though, that after watching international class hockey at the recent 20th Sultan Azlan ... continue reading »

Gurdwara Cup

I have to admit that despite this being the 60th Gurdwara Cup, I have never heard of it before. Yes, how ignorant. Today, I attended the opening ceremony out of curiosity. One of the officials briefed me on the Sikh Festival of Sports, a sports meet for Sikhs in Malaysia and Singapore. Imagine, this annual ... continue reading »

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