2012 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup – Match 17 – India vs. Pakistan

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

India and Pakistan have always been arch rivals, therefore this match was looked forward to by many hockey fans. I understand that not only did Malaysia broadcast this match live on TV through Astro, so did India and Pakistan. If not for the rain and the early hour, many more fans from both countries would have been at the stadium to show support for their respective teams.

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

Both India (in blue) and Pakistan (in green) weren’t in an enviable position coming into this match. I assumed both were under pressure to perform, particularly for Pakistan, who were defeated by Malaysia the night before. The match ended with India winning two goals to one.

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup
5. Pakistan fans

Looking at the points table, India already played six games now, while the other teams only 5 matches each.

Event: 2012 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup – Match 17 – India vs. Pakistan
Results: India 2 – Pakistan 1

Venue: Stadium Azlan Shah, Ipoh
Date: 31st May, 2012
Time: 6.05pm

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