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Edison Chen: Playboy of the 21st Century?

Feb 10, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events
With love

Have you seen the latest sex photos of Edison Chen with Joey Yung, Gillian Chung, Cecelia Cheung and Bobo Chen? New ones wor... and then there are even more photos of Edison Chen with his current girlfriend, Vincy Yeung and a few other women who are yet unidentified I know you have seen them. Admit ... continue reading »

Woot…. Naked Photos For You!!!!

Feb 1, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Just For Fun, Photos - iPhone

Well, I've been missing for quite a while because my internet was down and it was difficult to blog even with my 3G line so this blog is always at the bottom of my priorities. And then when my broadband was repaired, my computer was down for two days and I had to get it ... continue reading »

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