Edison Chen: Playboy of the 21st Century?

Have you seen the latest sex photos of Edison Chen with Joey Yung, Gillian Chung, Cecelia Cheung and Bobo Chen? New ones wor… and then there are even more photos of Edison Chen with his current girlfriend, Vincy Yeung and a few other women who are yet unidentified I know you have seen them. Admit it lah!!!

Before this sex scandal, there already were photos of Vincy bathing naked that were on the internet, now with these photos leaked out, it will be even more damaging to her reputation. She is, after all, a rich man’s daughter and also the niece of the boss of Edison’s management company, Emperor Entertainment Group.

With all those sex photos and possibly videos of these beautiful, glamorous ladies “eating ice cream”, you wonder, is Edison Chen THAT handsome? When people say that the entertainment industry is dark and dirty, you better believe it, judging from this strangest of strange sex scandal where these starlets are forced to “eat ice cream”.
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10 thoughts on “Edison Chen: Playboy of the 21st Century?

  1. Does Edison Chen really feel sorry for the sex photo scandal?

    Look at the specially made video, he didn’t really mean to make an apology, what he is doing is trying to get rid of the trouble for the future when the starlets are going to sue him for money as he is careless about keeping the photo as showing off to his friends. here’s a hot debate over his video:


    And now the photo of his current girl friend Vincy Yeung is leaked too, what do you think? Everyone says Edison is in a deep trouble… that’s why he had to leave Hong Kong ASAP.

  2. no I haven’t. serious. and maybe not interested. I know Edison can be quite a playboy judging by his bad boy looks, but to thaaat extent… hmmph, duno wut to say liao

  3. _butt…. what extent wor? You didn’t see the photos, how you know?

    Hahaha Gotcha!!! lalalalala

    He does not have “bad boy” looks but it’s called “yeung sui” hahah!

  4. (-_-“) my ‘extent’ is referring to the news spread around him ler… 😛

    you anti-Edison eh? 😛 big fan of Nicholas Tse instead? kekeke

  5. Don’t want to tell yet. Maybe next time do a post. But guarantee all leng chai wan… and no “yeung sui” guys in my list 😛

  6. Hi wuzhiwei,

    EDC has quit show business and gone into hiding. We don’t know where he is but rumour is that he is in Thailand seeking spiritual help. Yes, he does need help, doesn’t he? We are not sure if this rumour is accurate or not, though.

    EDC is no longer a celebrity, so maybe now nobody will be interested in the porn photos and videos. He is also seeking copyright for all the sex scandal photos so that he could sue anyone found distributing them!

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