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Original Blog Content

Sep 12, 2007 Author: Emily | Filed under: Blogging
With love

As a blogger who writes more than twenty blog posts, sponsored and unsponsored, a day on average on a good day, I sometimes feel my mind going numb just thinking of what to write in my next post, trying to keep it at 50:50 with sponsored and unsponsored content at the very least. It is ... continue reading »

Keeping It 50:50

Sep 7, 2007 Author: Emily | Filed under: Blogging
With love

Oh my goodness, I have been writing so many blog posts for the past couple of days that my hands feel like falling off. I know I am supposed to keep things light-hearted here but I am tired and I can't think straight and the night is still young! *horrors* Ah ... you should see ... continue reading »

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