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It had been a long while since there was a reason for me to head over to the other side of town: Pasir Puteh. Well, I was there last week to "buka puasa" at the café of the 2-year-old Manhattan Hotel Ipoh. The hotel really stands out in the neighbourhood with its "New York theme" and ... continue reading »

It was a snowy, magical night at Ipoh's new "American section" of Manhattan District during its snow carnival which was organised in conjunction with Christmas, only a week away. In this season of joy and togetherness, it was a great time for families to enjoy the carnival, filled with lots of entertainment, from the water park ... continue reading »

Snow Carnival in Ipoh’s Very Own Manhattan!

Dec 11, 2016 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events

What are your plans for this Saturday (17th Dec, 2016)? Mark your calendar cos it is going to be a fantastic time spent with family and friends at Ipoh's Manhattan. What? Where? You know, the huge development project known as Manhattan District in the heart of Jalan Pasir Puteh, Ipoh? Yes, there will be a snow ... continue reading »

Cabanas Reflexology Massage Centre Ipoh

Although I like body massages, I have never tried Chinese-style before, until my session at Healing Arts Massage & Reflexology Spa at the Ipoh City & Country Club (ICCC). After trying it, I have to say that my personal preference is still Bali-style, but won't turn down a session to pamper myself. Any style would ... continue reading »

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