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Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar is supposed to be Ipoh's latest attraction as it is slated to be the largest night bazaar in Malaysia. I have visited this night bazaar after its soft launch in September and subsequently after its grand opening in December last year. At this point in time, Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar is far ... continue reading »

The Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar, slated to be Malaysia's largest night market, is Ipoh's latest attraction. Launched in mid-September, it will only fully open for business, with all the stall lots occupied, come November. Meanwhile, there are short-term bazaars hosted within the grounds, such as the 10-day Pesta Orkid & Flora and 3-day 台湾夜市美食展. Although the night ... continue reading »

In today's post, I am sharing plenty of food photos that I took at the 台湾夜市美食展 (Taiwan Night Food Fair), a 4-day feature at Ipoh's latest attraction, Ipoh Walk Night Market. Despite the name of the fair which says "Taiwan", this is actually a culinary bazaar that offers a multitude of street meals, snacks and beverages ... continue reading »

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