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National Junior Track Cycling Championships

The National Junior Track Cycling Championships Circuit 01/2012 was a tournament held over five days at Velodrome Rakyat in Ipoh. Although I have no interest in the sport, I went to check it out simply because I have not shot a track cycling tournament before. I pitied the children who had to cycle under the hot ... continue reading »

kids art competition

This children's art competition, organized by Save The World Consortium, was held in conjunction with yesterday's Kempen Berbasikal Bersama Rakyat 1313 Ke-2. Little artists came equipped not only with their art supplies but also mini tables, chairs, sitting mats, and even their own portable fans. Participants were split into three age groups (4 - 6 ... continue reading »

Kempen Berbasikal Bersama Rakyat 1313 Ke-2

Sep 18, 2011 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Samsung ST600, Sports
1313 cycling with the people

This is the second year that Cycling With The People Campaign 1313 is held. From what I understand, the number 1313 represents the 1 Malaysia concept, representing the three major races of Malaysia and the thirteen states of Malaysia. This is a non-competitive cycling event which saw people of all ages from all walks of ... continue reading »

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