Supermodel Amber Chia Announces The Winners of “The Haven Name The Rock Contest”

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Amber Chia
Amber Chia

The contest-loving me did not participate in The Haven’s “Name The Rock” contest to name the 280-million year old rock, that was launched a month ago but I was still looking forward to the announcement of winners which was held at The Haven Site in Tambun, Perak, last evening. Why? Because Amber Chia, the Ipoh-born international supermodel, was invited to the event to announce the winners. How could I not go?

Amber Chia international supermodel
Amber Chia – proud owner of The Haven condominium

Today I am so happy to bring you photos of Amber Chia, who flew in from Seoul, South Korea, especially for this event. I understand that her flight was delayed, hence the event, which was scheduled to commence at 6pm, was delayed as well. However, guests were entertained by a live band by the lakeside and food and drinks were served. It was dinner time, after all.

Supermodel Amber Chia
Supermodel Amber Chia arrives

Amber Chia arrived at slightly before 8.30pm and after a short speech by Mr. Peter Chan, CEO of The Haven, the announcement of the winners of the Name the Rock contest proceeded without further ado.

supermodel Amber Chia
international supermodel Amber Chia

The winners of the “Name the Rock” contest are:

1st prize (RM25,000): Lydia Teh from Kuala Lumpur
2nd prize (RM10,000): Ricky Khong from Ipoh
3rd prize (RM5,000): Ho Kai Hong from Penang
4th prize (RM1,000): Heng Chew Yong from Kuala Lumpur
5th prize (RM1,000): Syarifah Radziah bt. Syed Khairuddin from Melaka
Consolation prizes (RM500 each): Sam Sow Thye from Ipoh and Goh Lin Lin from Penang

Amber Chia from Ipoh
Ipoh-born Amber Chia

The 280 million year old rock is now named Rockhaven. Doh! *slaps forehead* This name was actually submitted by numerous entrants but the winners were chosen based on the creativity of the slogans.

supermodel Amber Chia from Malaysia
Amber Chia on stage

The winners of the slogan contest are:
1st prize (RM5,000): Lee Tak Lung from Penang
Winning slogan: “Brings heaven, earth and man closer together”

2nd prize (RM2,000): Lim Sian Theng from Terengganu
Winning slogan: “Feeling the nature, breathing the air, Haven is beyond compare”

3rd prize (RM1,000): Kee Kah Song from Selangor
Winning slogan: “Who needs a vacation when The Haven is your address?”

Congratulations to all winners!


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