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I was going though Lelong’s SuperBid Member-Get-Member banners this morning and I thought to myself that these banners are pretty well designed and wished that I could design as well since I am in need of some banners but am unwilling to pay a designer to do them for me.

Bidding starts at RM1!

Upon closer inspection, though, I found these mistakes. You would not notice them at a glance but this is what I meant when I said that the harder I try to write my letters, the worse they get. It usually happens when I have to write on large envelops or packages or posters. I ALWAYS will miss a letter or two. I am glad to see that I am not alone!

SuperBid - Exciting Live Bidding Experience Every Wednesday!

By the way, I hosted these banners in case Lelong noticed and rectified them and void my post. Hehehe

Anyway, I think that it’s pretty awesome to be able to bid on items that start at RM1 with a bidding time of an hour only. That’s one frenzied auction session, I tell you, and it happens every Wednesday from noon to 1pm. For more details, visit SuperBid.
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