This is an overland trip I have thought of embarking on. However, when I think of the long overnight journey in the old KTM train, I am not so keen anymore. Perhaps it’s just my over-imagination. Well, maybe one day when I have nothing to do and feel a little adventurous…

KTM Ipoh Railway Station

Ipoh Railway Station

Depart from Ipoh: 12.42 am
Arrive Hat Yai via Padang Besar: 9.27am (Thailand time)

Depart from Hat Yai: 4pm (Thailand time)
Arrive at Ipoh through Padang Besar: 1.53am

RM34 one way (seat)
RM40 one way (bed – upper berth)
RM46 one way (bed – lower berth)

Child ( 4 – 11 years old):
RM21 one way (seat)
RM27 one way (bed – upper berth)
RM33 one way (bed – lower berth)

For further information, call KTMB Hotline at 1-300-885862.

Or maybe I should just take the express bus?

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