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Sony Cyber-shot Cosplay Competition @ Ipoh

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Sony Cyber-Shot Cosplay Competition
1. two judges of the cosplay competition

Today, I would like to share with you some photos that I took at a recent Sony Cyber-shot cosplay competition held in Ipoh. This was organised by YouthsToday.com, as part of their Youth Jam series of programmes. I understand that they held something similar in Penang some time back.

Sony Cyber-Shot Cosplay Competition
2. I’m Boss

Sony Cyber-Shot Cosplay Competition

There were two judges, who also came in costumes, and contestants had to do their best to woo them with their make-up, costumes, poses and other antics.

Sony Cyber-Shot Cosplay Competition

Sony Cyber-Shot Cosplay Competition

As it was a lengthy competition, I did not manage to stay till the winners were declared. I must admit, I am no fan of cosplay (costume play) and I have no idea which anime (Japanese animation) these characters are from. However, I do admire these young men and women for their passion in cosplay. As you can see, they took pains to emulate their favourite anime characters as best they could.

Sony Cyber-Shot Cosplay Competition

Sony Cyber-Shot Cosplay Competition

If you could recognise these characters, I welcome your assistance. Thanks!


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5 thoughts on “Sony Cyber-shot Cosplay Competition @ Ipoh

  1. Hi, I’m the guy in the Black long coat with the pistol, sword, gas mask and flag. I’m cosplaying as a Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard Commissar Officer, in charge of maintaining Discipline among the imperial troops. Thanks for the photos of me

  2. So you are No. 6 & No. 9? Thanks for identifying!

    Let your friends know and maybe they can help me with their characters. 🙂

  3. I’m no. 7 Kanda Yu from d gray man
    sorry -_- so hot that day sweat till ruin my everything

  4. Ah, he’s a cold hearted and cool exorcist which he pretends he doesn’t care for his companions but inside he really does

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