Kareem Solo Art Exhibition: The World Through My Eyes

Abdul Kareem painter
Kareem poses next to my favourite piece, The Woman in the Kimono

18-year-old Abdul Kareem Jaafar Azzuddin held his first solo art exhibition in his hometown Ipoh recently, showcasing a total of a hundred art works; a collection of six years’ worth of paintings and sculptures.

Abdul Kareem painter

Abdul Kareem painter
lively art in Chinese ink

The paintings exhibited were in black ink, pencil & colour pencil sketches; charcoal, chalk and acrylic, just to name a few. Kareem, though, was hard-pressed to name his favourite piece.

Abdul Kareem painter
some sculptures at the exhibition

Abdul Kareem painter
Gift of Opera

About thirty of the works on display were for sale, for up to a thousand Ringgit, while the rest were for his own portfolio. Kareem, as he is popularly known, is deft in both Western and Chinese painting, drawing inspiration from friends, history, art lessons and his own imagination. When asked about the Chinese influence in his art, trilingual Kareem stressed that there were no “feng shui” elements in his Chinese art.

Abdul Kareem painter
some of Kareem’s artwork

Abdul Kareem painter

Art, according to Kareem, is from the heart and it is always growing. He is very open-minded when it comes to learning art. He strives to be able to invoke emotions with his artistic creations. Ten years from now, he sees himself teaching art.

Abdul Kareem painter
more Chinese ink pieces

Event: Kareem’s First Solo Art Exhibition: The World Through My Eyes
Venue: Garden Villa, Ipoh
Date: 7th & 8th July, 2012
Time: 10am – 7pm

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