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Shuddup ‘N Dance Volume 2: Ipoh Parade – Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions

Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions
1. finalists in the Shuddup ‘N Dance Volume 2: Ipoh Parade (Solo)

With the concourse of Ipoh Parade converted into a dance floor, shoppers witnessed the freestyle solo battle auditions of Shuddup ‘N Dance Volume 2, as a run up to the ultimate dance challenge on June 7, touted to be the largest dance competition ever hosted in the state of Perak.

Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions
2. preliminary auditions

The auditions managed to attract 58 freestyle solo dancers below the age of 30, who first had to dance for a minute each. The judges only allowed 32 dancers to proceed to the next round, and the rest eliminated from the competition.

Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions
3. seven contestants with the same points are required to break their tie with a rematch

There were seven dancers with the same score, hence they had to go into a rematch. Only two were then selected to proceed to the battle round.

Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions
4. one-on-one battle

With 32 dancers, they were randomly selected to become 16 pairs, where they had to battle each other one-on-one. Only one person from each pair got to proceed to the Grand Finals.

Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions
5. battle

Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions
6. battle

The three judges, Dennis Yin, Ricyan and Danny Lee, gave points based on how well the dancer displayed his or her skills spontaneously.

Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions
7. the judges (L-R): Dennis Yin, Ricyan & Danny Lee

However, in the battle round where each dancer was allocated 45 seconds, it wasn’t so much about skills but on the attitude and character of the dancer. Obviously, it also depended on how well the dancer could adapt to the music spun randomly by the DJ.

Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions
8. dance performance by Rejuvenate Dance Crew

The winner of the Grand Finals, which will also be hosted at Ipoh Parade on June 7, will walk away with RM2,000 cash and prizes. It’s going to be exciting!

Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions
9. group photo of all contestants in the Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions with Ipoh Parade Centre Manager Mr. Chan Yu Yin (top row, brown shirt)

Event: Shuddup ‘N Dance Volume 2: Ipoh Parade – Freestyle Solo Battle Auditions
Venue: Ipoh Parade, Ipoh
Date: 30th May, 2015
Time: from 2pm

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