A Call For Dancers to Shuddup ‘N Dance Volume 2: Ipoh Parade

Ipoh Parade, the organiser of Shuddup ‘N Dance, is calling upon all dancers to come and take up the ultimate dance challenge, touted to be the largest dance competition ever hosted in the state of Perak.

press conference shuddup n dance
1. part of the Rejuvenate Dance Crew

There will be two categories: Solo Freestyle Battle and Group Showcase.

For Solo Freestyle Battle, dancers will go against one another, one-on-one. They will be given one minute to dance to a random track spun by the deejay. In this elimination round, only 64 dancers will be selected to proceed to Round One.

Three judges will be giving points based on how well the dancer can display his or her skills spontaneously. Thereafter, 32 of them will compete in the Grand Finals come June 7, 2015.

press conference shuddup n dance
2. Danny Lee of Rejuvenate Dance Crew demonstrating one of the dance moves

Meanwhile, in Group Showcase, crews comprise from two up to eight members and they will be given five minutes on the stage to outdo their competitors. Judging will be based on teamwork, synchronisation, choreography, technique and other dance technicalities.

Top eight dance crews who emerge victorious from the audition round and Round One will vie for the championship in the Grand Finals.

Winners of this dance challenge stand to win up to RM10,000 in cash and prizes, and will also have the opportunity to perform against the best dancers in Shuddup ‘N Dance Volume 3: Klang Parade to be held in September this year.

press conference shuddup n dance
3. at the press conference (seated L-R): Ipoh Parade Advertising & Promotion Executive Natalie Wong, programme director Alan Thoo, Ipoh Parade Centre Manager Mr. Chan Yu Yin, one of the judges Danny Lee and Ipoh Parade Advertising & Promotion Executive Noraini Alias

According to one of the judges, Danny Lee of Rejuvenate Dance Crew, dance is a body language that is spoken through body movement and facial expression. Therefore, winning or losing depends on how well the dancer can evoke these emotions through dance, and not necessarily based on experience or a particular type of dance.

The other two judges are Dennis Yin from Elecoldxhot (ECX) and Eric Chan from Kartoon Network (KTNK).

Shuddup ‘N Dance, the brainchild of Ipoh-born Alan Thoo, received tremendous response when it was first held in Klang Parade in September last year. This is a major platform for dancers, no matter their genre, to take up the challenge to showcase their talent to the public.

Said Alan Thoo, “Shuddup ‘N Dance is more than just a dance competition. It is a reality programme whereby videos are recorded and published online which will build up the dance community among dancers. There are way too many closet dancers and it is high time we have a public battle like this.”

Besides the stage competition, finalists will get to undergo training, workshops and motivation sessions to further instil in them the courage and passion for dance.

Participation in Shuddup ‘N Dance Volume 2: Ipoh Parade is open to all. Registration forms are available at the Facebook page of Ipoh Parade Mall and at the information counter of the mall. There is no fee to participate.

1pm, May 30 – audition & Round One: Solo Freestyle Battle
1pm, May 31 – audition & Round One: Group Showcase
1pm, June 7 – Grand Finals

Event: A Call For Dancers to Shuddup ‘N Dance
Venue: Ben’s Burger, Ipoh Parade, Ipoh
Date: 14th May, 2015
Time: 12pm

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