Selangor Police Bilik Gerakan (Operations Room) Phone Numbers

I’m sure most of us had read about the horrific robbery case that befell a family in Rawang just last month. The victim alleged that calling the emergency number that we all know since young by heart, 999, was ineffective, as she was told instead to call the nearest police operations room.

The other day when covering the Basic Self-Defence Programme in Petaling Jaya, I came across this full list of phone numbers for Police Bilik Gerakan (Operations Room) in the whole of Selangor.

This information is good to share, so here it is as listed below. Save the relevant number in your mobile phone. Also, jot it down near your house or office phone.

list of Selangor IPD phone numbers
list of Selangor IPD phone numbers

IPD Petaling Jaya
03-7966 2222

IPD Subang Jaya
03-7862 7222

IPD Shah Alam
03-5520 2222

IPD Klang Selatan
03-3376 2222

IPD Klang Utara
03-3290 2222

IPD Kuala Langat
03-3187 2222

IPD Sabak Bernam
03-3224 2222

IPD Kuala Selangor
03-3289 1222

IPD Hulu Selangor
03-6064 1222

IPD Serdang
03-8074 2222

IPD Ampang Jaya
03-4289 7222

IPD Gombak
03-6162 2222

IPD Kajang
03-8911 4222

IPD Sepang
03-8777 4222

IPD Sg Buloh
03-6156 1222

03-8776 8222

IPD is acronym for Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (District Police Headquarters).

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