I was at one of the smaller malls last evening just to run some errands and I chanced upon a seashells handcraft business that just rented a stall in the mall to display their craft work. I took the opportunity to shoot some photos. I think that it takes a lot of patience to glue the shells together to create a decorative item.

I personally think that too much of these seashells overwhelm and they only look good singly. By the way, they look great because they are coated with a layer (or two or three) of lacquer.

I remember I used to go to Teluk Batik and Pangkor almost every school holidays and I used to pick seashells too but they always smell bad after a while because I don’t know how to treat them. I also remember buying a pair of ear-rings and a brooch that were made from seashells. The brooch was given to a good friend of mine during that time but we have since lost touch. I am still keeping the ear-rings though I hardly ever wear them.

cheh…. Whose head is that??

Oh yeah, years ago, a friend gave me a handful of seashells from his holiday in Florida but they became brittle after awhile that I had to throw them away. So much for keepsakes! 🙁
With love

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