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Latex Orchids

I was at a local shopping mall searching high and low for a laptop backpack that I like when I chanced upon a stall selling orchids. At first glance, these orchids looked real. I whipped out my iPhone and pointed at the plants.

The sales person asked, “Taking photo ah?” And I replied, “Want to take.”

Him: Cannot take!
Me: Why cannot??
Him: Cannot, cannot lah!
Me: ….. {slips iPhone back into pocket}

latex orchids

Me: Are these real?
Him: No, made from latex. Touch and see. Imported, you know?
Me: Imported from where? {wondering why can touch but cannot take photo}
Him: Cannot tell lah!
Me: …??

But as you can see…. cannot take also taken already loh! Lalalalala! *runs*
With love

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