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dooodolls Vinyl

dooodolls Vinyl

I’ve been on the road so much, I couldn’t find time to write about the recent Malaysia International Toys Fair 2011. Yes, I was at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre on Friday afternoon. I couldn’t get hold of a programme schedule so I just hung around to see what came up. I paid RM3 admission fee, so of course must maximize my ticket!

dooodolls soft toy promotion

dooodolls soft toys

The three-day weekend event is unfortunately over by now. If you missed it, too bad. No worries, though. I am bringing you plenty of photos from Malaysia International Toys Fair 2011. In fact, I still have so many more shots but it is impossible to share them all on my blog!

cute dooodolls

big dooodoll

Although I wasn’t interested to buy toys, not at my age, except as gifts, I was still very fascinated with the many toys available in the market, particularly the cute ones like dooodolls, canimals and of course, the Smurfs! Anyway, shall not blabber on. Just enjoy my photos!

cute Pocotee


game promoter

game babe


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