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Perak FA 2012 Season Launch

Perak FA 2012 Season Launch
Iqwal Hafiz entertains the crowd

Perak Menteri Besar’s official residence was the venue of the recent Perak FA 2012 season launch. Not surprising, since the Menteri Besar is the team’s number one fan. Iqwal Hafiz was on hand to entertain the crowd.

Perak FA 2012 Season Launch
goalkeeper training kit

Perak FA 2012 Season Launch
this jersey fits

At the event, new training kits were unveiled and two foreign players were introduced, Serbian striker Lazar Popovic and Slovakian midfielder Michal Kubala, alongside the line up for this season, plus officials and management team. Also launched was the season pass, which is a must-have for all Perak footie fans.

Perak FA 2012 Season Launch
launching the season pass

Perak FA 2012 Season Launch

For this new season, sponsors include Vale S.A., Arwana for transport, Kika for kits and Ipoh City Council for venue.

Event: Perak FA 2012 Season Launch
Venue: MB’s residence, Jalan Raja Dihilir, Ipoh, Perak.
Date: 2nd Jan, 2011
Time: 10.30am

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