Pasar Tani Stadium

Pasar Tani

This Pasar Tani (agricultural market), is actually known as “Pasar Tani Mega“. I wrote about it two years ago, and decided to revisit to see if anything had changed. Nothing has changed in terms of the things being sold.

Pasar Tani

Pasar Tani
Desert Roses

Pasar Tani is similar to a wet market, where one can shop for vegetables, seafood and meat. And of course, there are other agricultural products and plants for sale too.

Pasar Tani
weaved bags from Thailand

Pasar Tani
rattan ware

This is also where many people love to get their breakfast, with popular mee rebus, satay, burger, pizza, just to name a few selections.

Pasar Tani
Happy Pizza

Pasar Tani
young entrepreneur

Next to Pasar Tani Mega is a fairly large “pasar pagi” (morning market), but I didn’t take any photos as there was nothing special. It’s just like a regular “pasar malam” (night market).

Pasar Tani

Despite the various products being sold, I was unable to find the fruit I was looking for!

Pasar Tani Mega @ Simee
Location: Stadium Perak car park, Simee
Time: Every Saturday from 7am to 12noon

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